What Clownfish Is This?


I know what I paid for it as... but what is it really???
I’m thinking maybe snowflake?


I can't see very clearly but it looks like a maroon. however I am a freshwater guy so don't hold me to my answer lol


I am no good with all the candy names but that looks like an original Picasso ?
Here is a menu of all the flavors
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I stink at this.....
here’s another pic.
So. I hope it’s not a maroon. Aren’t they supposed to be super aggressive?
Could it be a false Percula?
Any guesses as to what it was sold to me as?
coralbandit Jesterrace Cap2284 any ideas?


Tough to tell from the angle of the pic but it looks like one of the Percula variants to me (the eye color combined with the color and marking pattern points to it). Although IMHO all clownfish are territorial once established, Occ and Percula tend to be better community tank mates than the other varieties. I think Coral Bandit has the right idea. Compare it to the ORA designer list and that should give you a pretty good idea.

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