What causes fin rot?

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I got 3 tetras from the pet store and 5 days later I noticed white flecks on the fins and tails. given the condition of the three dead fish and another sick one I believe it is fin rot. the tails and fins are gone (going for the live one). one of the two surviving sick ones is going to be dead by monday probably in the morning. I also have a ghost cat fish and pleo in the same tank who are miracalously not sick, meaning absolutly no flecks. don't worry i've been treating my tank for almost a week. one of the sick fish hasn't started losing its fins which makes me so happy because it is the only surviving baby of the four baby fish we found about 5 days after I first got my fish.

i'm just wondering if some one can tell me what causes fin rot. and was this most likely brought in to my tank by the new fish
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:;sman Welcome to Fishlore heartsongsinger! Sounds like you are having a stressful time with your fish.

How big is your tank, and what fish do you have in it now.

How long have you had this tank, with fish in it?

Did you go through the nitrogen cycle before adding fish?

It sounds like several things to me. #1. Sounds like you may have brought home something, but white flecks sounds more like ICK to me. It can be just a spot or two, or can cover the whole fish with "salt" looking specks. If this is the case raise the tank water temp up to 82-84 F and keep it there for 3 or 4 weeks. It will kill the ick and your fish may recover without medication.

#2 The fins that get frayed can be a bacterial infection caused by bad water conditions and general "stress" from overcrowded conditions etc. This would be noticed before the fish die.
If you see tails and fins missing on dead fish, it is just a process of rotting flesh, or other fish eating on them, not necessarily an indication that they had fin rot. The first thing to do is water changes. Start with 50% a day till the water conditions improve.

You didn't mention anything about testing your water.Do you have an API Master test kit? You need to test your water and let us know what the results are.

We will be able to help more with this information.
Good Luck & Merry Christmas
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fin rot can be caused by bacteria or fungus. It does sound more like ick and they could use the temp up at 82 after a pwc, but if you had a pic to post, that would help confirm it.
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the fins were rotting a way on live fish not dead ones. the fins that the fish used to stay a float were probably about 3 mm and it had roughly a 1.5 in body. only one infected fish isn't dead I'll try to get a pic. it's not loosing it's tail and fins like the other 4. I returned the 3 dead tetras last night to get a refund. I have a 10 gallon (getting a bigger one soon I hope) it currently has a mystery fish (baby fish found in tank 5 days after I first got fish. it's the sick one), a ghost catfish, and a 2-3 in pleo.
i'll raise the water temperature. what is ick?
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ya ick sounds like it because it was sort of all over the bodies of the tetras and I was transporting them in the cold since it's winter
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Tetras seem to be sensitive to it -- I lost my first batch of Serpaes to it, but the second batch was fine.
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well what ever it was my other fish has cleared up. I don't think i'm going to bother getting any new fish until I get a new tank. which will probably be late february or early march
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My cories are getting fin rot. I've added some stress coat plus to the water, will that do it?
But what I want to know is what causes it? Is it actually a disease,or a symptom of stress or something. I don't think that there's anything wrong with them otherwise. I have good water quality, they're in a large-ish school, and they act normally. Is there something I may be doing that caused them to get fin rot?
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some causes of fin rot can be injury or wound, bullying, water conditions(uncycled tanks, hI nitrates)& over crowding etc... ..those will cause fin issues and depending on the tanks parimeters, will depend on if it turns to rot....90% of fin rot issues can be avoided and treated without meds...prestine water changes, stress coat, fish protector, vita chem, and fresh garlic juice are among the most natural ways to treat them...too many jump to the meds maracyn, melafix and pimafix etc which aren't always needed...
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What is the Garlic Guard for and how should it be used?? I'm confused about this product.
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What is the Garlic Guard for and how should it be used?? I'm confused about this product.

it stimulates appetite & helps with their immune system..allot of people can't afford or find it so they use fresh garlic juice instead...you can buy it in the jars in your local grocery store
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Trying to get my stock together! lol! Thanks Shawnie.
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What causes fin rot? and what can I do to prevent fin rot?
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Poor water conditions, just keep your water clean, and your gravel vaccumed. Don't over feed, just simple maintainence.
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thank you
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Yep, poor water quality is the cause. Make sure there's no ammonia or nitite & that the nitrates stay under 40ppm.
20ppm is better IMO but I'm rather fussy.

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