What Canister Filter Do I Choose? Question

Discussion in 'Filters and Filtration' started by spike98, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. spike98Valued MemberMember

    I have a 29 gallon community tank, lightly planted and I would like a canister filter but don't have the funds to shell out alot of money. I would like a canister filter that is in the price range of 100 but preferably below so more around 80. Additionally, the features I would like is ample room for media, sturdy material, user friendly, and it doesn't need the strongest flow as I have a dwarf gourami and I believe they like less surface agitation and current. Ive found a few that I would like opinions on and would like any recommendations. So far I have marineland magniflow for 55 gallon (Gph is on the lower side), sunsun hw-302 or hw-704b (I chose the 704b as it shares about the same price even with the lower models besides the 302 so might as well go big), Cascade 1000 (would prefer high models but they reach a price range higher than I would like), and ehiem classic for 66 gallon (Ive heard good things but the shipping seems to be horrendous for this Canisters and there tubing color is less favourable). Thanks for any help and feel free to leave any recommendations.
  2. Disturbed.)Valued MemberMember

    My personal experience with the SUNSUN canisters hasn't been great. Amazing bang for the buck for sure but one had issues right out of the gate and had to replace the entire top assembly then started leaking 2 months later. 2 others failed within 18 months. I have one going now and its had several issues so when it dies it will get replaced with a fluval. They were all uv models though so that could have been their downfall. Stay away from those models at least and remember that you get what you pay for.
    Ive never had any problems with any of the small eheims I had. I got all of them used when I lived in Germany and they lasted until I moved back state side. I never felt any of them had enough flow though. Good luck with the search and give us a review after youve picked one out​
  3. spike98Valued MemberMember

    I am leaning towards the marineland for a 55 gallon. It seems like a well supported canister just some minor flaws in some reviews. Though I got to do more digging to see if everything i need is included with be canister.

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