What Can I Put With My Medium Sized Freshwater Parrot Fish?

  1. rob holes Initiate Member

    I currently have a medium sized freshwater parrot fish along with a medium sized bala shark. They both get along great. I want to add more fish. Tank is 46 gallons. Everytime i add smaller fish the parrot fish eventually kills them all off. Any one know of any other fish that can be added that wont be attacked?
  2. rob holes Initiate Member

  3. sunnycal Well Known Member Member

    First, I love your parrot fish. I personally wouldn't be adding any more fish. I think both of your fish will out grow your tank and will need more space. I'm not sure either if a bala shark and parrot fish are compatible in the long run with each other.
  4. rob holes Initiate Member

    Lol i should have mentioned i just upgraded to the 46 gallon from a 20 gallon last week. I really want to add some more fish.
  5. sunnycal Well Known Member Member

    Yes, I saw you had originally mentioned your tank is a 46g tank. I think they will out grow that. Bala sharks get very large. Parrot fish do too. I had three big goldfish in a 60g long tank and I felt like that was too small for them almost. I would never think of adding another fish to what I had already. You need to keep in mind too your water change schedule, what kind of filters you have too. Will this help keep your fish healthy. Just my opinion on your situation. If you haven't already you might want to read up on the species you have if nobody else replies to your thread.