What can i put with my convict ???

hI I have 7 convict cichlid 3 pairs and 1female I wanna get schooling fish or even maybe discuss or both or any kind of combination I just need a few opinions on this cuz I know convicts are usually not the most friendly but I was looking at getting maybe a community tank going???? tank is 125 gallons and has lots of drift wood and rocks moss and plants

note the koi fish in this picture where there as starter fish they where taken back to the fish store after
My understanding is the real problem with convict cichlids is when they pair up and breed. They become very territorial and defend their young. I can’t say much about schooling fish but I don’t think discus would do well trying to defend themselves against angry convict parents.

If it were me I would probably add bigger fish that could defend themselves, Oscars, Jack Dempsey, Jaguar cichlids etc. Though some research would need to be done on individual Fish depending on parameters and such
Tiger barbs could probably hold their own and avoid being lunch meat. or denison barbs.
First move, buy a good sized Synodontis catfish, or a group of big Botia Loaches, to eat the Convict fry. For schooling fish look at a smaller variety silver dollar fish (Spotted or Striped) or Giant Danios. Swordtails swim the same Central American waters as Convicts. That combination might work.

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