What Can I Get To Eat Brown Algae That Go With Cichlids

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  1. Sierra s.

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    I have 2 neolamprologus bichardi and 2 neolamprologrus multi in a 20 gallon tank. What can I put with them to eat the brown algae off of the ship on my tank (I do clean the ship but i would rather not do it everytime) I clean my tank every other week, the tank does not get sunlight only tank light on half of the day but I still have brown algae. I would like to get a snail or algae eater or something to cut down the brown algae but I do not want my cichlids to bully them.
    What can I put with them that won't get bullied and/or will take up for itself??
  2. Iverg1

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    That depends on what the condition of your tank are like But it seems like the best bet is Bristle nose Plecostomus they are 4 inches long so your other fish shouldn’t bother them
  3. Sebastian Perdomo

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    12 hours is still a lot of time. I like to keep my salt and freshwater tank at 8 hours a day. That helps with algae. With that being said. Get a single pleco if you need to. These guys get huge in a matter of time, you also might need to supplement its diet with algae tabs. I've seen them with cichlids. If not, Chinese algae eaters will also stand up for themselves very easily. Not an expert, but I've had both fish in the past. I've gotten to the point where the algae does not really bother me if it's not on the front viewing panel (freshwater), and I'll just do water changes.
  4. Iverg1

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    Also make sure you have plenty of light so that the algae won’t grow up to 6-8 hours of light