What brands of Tropical Fish Food do you use?

What brand of fish food do you feed your fish?

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What brands of tropical fish foods do you feed your fish? Do you stick with a particular brand or mix and match? Why? Feel free to check more than one and provide comments on why so that others may learn from your experiances.

The reason I ask this question is due to what I have seen posted here and on other forums about each brand of food. Retailers are influenced by price and profit margin so they will promote certain brands over others but we are influenced on what is best for our fish no matter what the cost. I have seen posts that call some foods substandard to others and those who blame a certain brand for clogging their filter.

I am interested in finding out who feeds what brand and why. Please post the good and the bad so that we can all make a better informed decision on what to purchase for our fish. If you purchase a particular brand because that is all that is available in your local fish store, say so, if you order online because that is the only food you trust to give your fish a well rounded diet, say so.

I personally have to drive for hours to get to a well stocked fish store or have to order online. The nearest LFS to me is around 40 miles away and it is a small shop with limited choices to pick from. The owner is always willing to order in products for me but getting back up to pick it up can sometimes be a pain. Ordering online has its advantages and disadvantages. You can almost always get what you want on line but it might take time to get it in so you have to plan ahead and order before you run out.

Because I do order online I can order any brand I want but am I making the best choice for my fish. Do I need to order in more than one brand because brand A is better than brand B for veggie eaters and brand C is better for meat eaters but brand D is a better all around food for everyone. You can read what the manufactures say about their product or what wholesalers and retailers have to say about a particular brand and they all claim to be the best but I am interested in what fish-keepers have to say.
Winnie the Pooh
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Ken's fish is all I ever buy.
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NLS exclusively. When you feed the best, it doesn't make much sense to feed lesser quality foods just for the sake of "variety". Besides, there's not much variety - anything good in the other brands is in the NLS formula. Variety is important when you are feeding natural foods (crickets, worms, shrimp, etc.), because not every food has everything in it. But NLS is nutritionally designed to provide everything the fish needs for proper health, and it does so exceptionally well.

It's been about 3 years now since I have fed them anything else, except for insects I find.
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I feed NLS almost exclusively. Frozen is a weekly snack along with some freeze dried cyclops and high protein flakes. That is until I run out then I will be using NLS and frozen for all of my fish(fresh, brackish and salt)
iZaO Jnr
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Tetra and Nutrafin for now. Will be 100% Self sustaining by March/April 2012. ;D;D
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I feed mainly NLS to the bettas, and the other fish get a huge mish-mosh of foods. The mix contains HikarI Cichlid Bio Gold, NLS (either betta or community, I forget which), random sample packets of betta foods, including ZooMed and Hikari, and sun dried baby shrimp by Tetra. It's about 95% Bio Gold and NLS. I also have a packet of HikarI Trpocals: Fancy Guppy. Its a big hit with very small fish.
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NLS for everything but my bettas. I feed HikarI to them until I run out.
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I use different foods for different days, I feed mainly good quality spirulina flakes with some sera flakes for vegetarian fish which the endlers love. Ocassionally I feed them some nutrafin max micro granules and drop in half of a nutrafin bottom feeder tablet. Then on weekends it's dried australian blackworms broken up into small bits, I also have some wardley tubifex worms which I no longer use (for some reason my endlers really don't like those and spits them out everytime).
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Good morning,

I feed NLS Thera A Small Fish to my KerrI tetras. (Thank you JaySee). It seems to do the trick. I've seen a lot of growth in these fish over the past month. The fish seem to love the NLS, it doesn't have time to reach the bottom.

As for the fish in my 265g I feed a variety of foods, most of which also come from Ken's Fish Foods:
I plan to add NLS to their diet.

Link to Ken's:

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I feed my fish Nutrafin Max. HikarI sinking wafers, and HikarI algae wafers, and as a treat frozen bloodworms from san francisco bay brand.
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I buy King British natural Cichlid Flake Food, HikarI Cichlid Gold, King British Algae Wafers, King British Turtle and Terrapin food.
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The majority of my food is from Ken's Fish. They make some great stuff. I also feed NLS and San Francisco Bay for frozen food..
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Sanfrancisco brand blood worms
Wardley Shrimp Pellets
HikarI algae wafers
and flakes I already said Nutrafin.
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Top fin tropical
HikarI algae wafers
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Ken's Food exclusively
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New Life Spectrum & Omega One.
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Nls,HikarI algae wafers and San Francisco Bay for me.Just changed over to Nls from Omega One.
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Kensfish flake and pellet food, and hikarI algae wafers. I will be switching completely to kens soon.

Oh also San Fransisco bay frozen blood worms.
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HikarI algae wafers
and tetra flakes, will be switching to new life spectrum soon
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Most of what I buy now is Omega One. But I am still using what I have left of the Nutrafin and Tetrafin products. I also have some Hikari, and Laguna (pond food)
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I use NLS as my fishes staple food, alternating between thera+a and the finicky fish formula for variety, as they seem to loose their appetite if you only feed one variety over and over, no matter how nutritious the pellets are. The pellets themselves are the perfect size for my rainbowfish, and they gently float to the bottom rather than sinking like a stone like other brands which is perfect because my rainbows refuse to eat from the bottom.

I buy ocean nutrition flake food (formula two) for it's high vegetable content. I do this mostly for varieties sake, and my crayfish loves them. The ingredients are very wholesome and they do not use artificial colouring or flavouring agents like other brands, which is a deciding factor in my book. My fish also seem to benefit from the high garlic content.

I buy hikarI for it's crab cuisine formula, it's perfect for my crayfish and I couldn't find any comparable formulas in the other brands I frequent, and my crayfish really loves them.

I have aquarian algae wafers because they were the best I could get my hands on at the time. They a decent wafer mix, no artificial colours or flavoring agents and they use several different kinds of algae as a base, which is good. They tend to crumble quickly though, making them an absolute pain to clean up after, for that reason I'll probably switch brands after I use up my packet.

I use tetra for there frozen food range, simply because there are no other brands of frozen foods available to me. I wouldn't touch the rest of their products with a ten foot pole, they use high amounts of artificial colouring agents and fish and rice meals making for very poor quality food.
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when I bought my tank a few months back the guy in my LFS sold me this ziplock bag full of flakes, which he said would "really help bring the colour out"
I'm not sure what they are as they have no brand, and no list of ingredients. I didn't think about that at the time...
should I continue feeding this or would you recommend a more recognised food?
my fish seem to enjoy it which I guess is a positive.
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I'd be wary of feeding anything if I didn't know what was in it, there's probably nothing wrong with the flake you have but if you have no way of knowing where it's been there could be traces of just about anything in there. I would recommend a tropical or community blend of pellet or flake, or even a combination of the two. HikarI is a good mid range brand whereas new life spectrum is considered to be the best fish food brand by many, I do like ocean nutrition but I am unsure what variety would be best for you. When you read the ingredient list the ingredients will be listed in order of concentration, with the main ingredients first. If a fish food lists a grain meal as one of it's main ingredients, has high concentrations of artificial colour agents and uses fish or shrimp meals as apposed to whole fish or shrimp, then the food is of poor quality. That is by no means the best or only way to tell food quality, but it's a good way of comparing products at a glance.
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ye thanks for the reply man, what is available in aus? I haven't really done much research but can you get NLS and good quality ones like they have in the states?
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Yes, you can! I get a lot of food from it's a Queensland based buisness, with a great range, good prices and a flat shipping rate I've yet to see beaten, they stock just about every main brand of food you can get here in aus. Livefish also sells fishfood, but the shipping is double the cost. All of the local chain pet stores I used to go to have closed down so I don't know what sort of things they stock, you might have luck with petstock but I doubt they'll have the expensive stuff. If you don't want to go online then getting the yellow pages out and fish shop cruising would be your best bet.
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Too many... My fish are spoiled! Haha but I love kens food great prices great food and holy amounts of it! Lol

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I use HikarI sinking wafers and algae wafers for the corys and pleco and Tetra flakes for everybody else. A couple times a week they get a treat of freeze-dried blood worms (which they love) and freeze-dried shrimp (they are take it or leave it on that and I probably won't buy it again).
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Yes, you can! I get a lot of food from it's a Queensland based buisness, with a great range, good prices and a flat shipping rate I've yet to see beaten, they stock just about every main brand of food you can get here in aus. Livefish also sells fishfood, but the shipping is double the cost. All of the local chain pet stores I used to go to have closed down so I don't know what sort of things they stock, you might have luck with petstock but I doubt they'll have the expensive stuff. If you don't want to go online then getting the yellow pages out and fish shop cruising would be your best bet.

awesome ill check it out, thanks a lot
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New Life Spectrum is probably the best thing available right now. It is far superior to hikari.
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okay I'm a unI student and NLS seems relatively expensive. for my 23gallon tank, what type should I be looking at getting? also what size container? how long would they typically last you think?
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NLS Thera A is a very good general food to feed. You don't need to feed as much because it is higher quality. 150 gallon lasts the 6 tanks that I feed it to, 4 or 5 months.
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oh okay seems like it would last quite a long time if I used that one! might give it a go, see how my little fellas like it. thanks for the advice
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My main food is New Life Spectrum, but I also feed Omega One flakes, wafers, and shrimp pellets, HikarI wafers, and Aqueon and API shrimp pellets. My catfishes demand several types of shrimp pellets. San Francisco Bay for frozen food.
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I feed all my fish Omega 1 super color flakes,NLS pellets, Cobalt shrimp pellets and algae waffers. And make my own frozen bloodworms and brine shrimp. And just made frozen beef heart food( I found the recipe online).
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I have been feeding Hikari, I've done TopFin betta pellets, Aqueon, and New Life Spectrum. I've also done Omega One in the past - but my most recent flakes are Aqueon.

I try to mix it up. There might be another couple brands that I don't remember -- they are the frozen ones.

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