What are your hobbies?

What are your hobbies besides aquariums?

  • Making wooden stuff

    Votes: 1 2.2%
  • Gardening

    Votes: 17 37.8%
  • Poem/bookwriting

    Votes: 8 17.8%
  • Painting

    Votes: 7 15.6%
  • Reading

    Votes: 21 46.7%
  • Teaching

    Votes: 1 2.2%
  • Quillwork/knitting

    Votes: 7 15.6%
  • Watching movies

    Votes: 12 26.7%
  • Other: please specify below

    Votes: 31 68.9%

  • Total voters
Brandon Bennett
  • #41
Gardening, Hiking, Cars, and my obsession with vampire shows (Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Dracula, True Blood).
  • #42
It may come as a surprise, but I am really into photography

And Harley-Davidson.
  • #43
Piano, surfing, volleyball, RC cars, playing LoL, and outdoor activities
  • #44
Backgammon, semi-pro perhaps more seriously then fish

Writing sci-fi, working on a novel

Bicycle touring

Reading, mostly sci-fI or historical fiction. Special love for time travel/alternate history.

Studying history, philosophy, science, and useless information

I love my cats and hate my dog.

I am a part time dealer of science fiction collectibles and coins.
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LetDiceFly- I'd love to read some of your SciFI one day, if you feel like sharing! I'm a big H.G. Wells/Ray Bradbury fan.
  • #46
in the summer I like so surf as my grandparents have a house down in cornwall and in the winter I like to play video games (Battlefield, SI'm Sity, WoT + Warthunder)
  • #47
I'm a big outdoorsy person. I go horseback riding with my mom every now and then (she has two horses and no one to ride with so yay for me ) and I really like backpacking and day hikes.

Also my dogs <3
  • #48
Gardening, Writing (I'm a published author so I don't know if you count that as a hobby or a job), spoiling my dogs, over decorating the house for Christmas, painting.
  • #49
Anything animals related really lol. I live on a small hobby farm, we grow/raise almost all of our own food, and my parents breed German Shepherds.

I also really love bike riding and spending a lot of time outdoors
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My guitar hobby just got bigger with my newest purchase, a white 1959 Gibson ES355

  • #52
A '59? Nice model! (My best friend collects guitars- he had 38 at one point lol)
  • #53
Hunting and angling / outdoorsman, I study and research in the field of biology and human anatomy and physiology and riding longboards
  • #54
Exposing truth, MMO games, collecting cards from sports to comics, working on my car, tattooing, health junkie, writing songs and stories, anime, documentaries. Whatever I haven't done yet, I plan on doing.
  • #55
Eating. Really.

It's hard living where we are now because the restaurants are so limited

I try to make up for it by cooking something different every day for stretches of 30 days (I google new recipes by cuisine and ingredients I have on hand), but I would like to go out more often!
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Endler- I do.loves my food! Lol
  • #57
Fishing, reading about fish or fishing, thinking about fish or fishing. Occasionally I work on my boat so I can go fishing.

I also count going to work as a hobby. I finally have a job where I'd still go even if they stopped paying me (but don't tell my boss that)
  • #58
1. Soccer/Futsal
2. Working at the pet store, It's like a medium sized warehouse with a whole wall of fishtanks
I know it's work but I enjoy looking after the pets so much its more of a pastime.
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I just got curious all of a sudden.

To get the ball rolling, these days my main hobby besides breeding fish is writing stories. It's not something I plan on ever making a career out of or anything, just something I do for fun. (I spend a lot of time reading, too, but I'm trying to curb that because I really should be spending that time studying...)
  • #60
I like piano, duh

leopard gecko,




a lot more...
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I play the Flute in the band at my school, I like anything involving music, I enjoy reading, wrighting, and spending time with my cat
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I play the Flute in the band at my school, I like anything involving music, I enjoy reading, wrighting, and spending time with my cat

I play clarinet at school band.lol
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Drawing, I play trumpet, Netflix(does this count? lol)reading and writing fanfics, and barrel racing. Fish are my main hobby though.
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Read, learn about fish!
Also gardening

Sent from your local fish expert
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I didn't think we had so many musicians here! I played classical piano for about 10 years, but I'm rusty now.

Actually if anyone wants to share any anecdotes related to playing music, I'm writing a story about musicians now so those would sure come in handy!
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Music has opened up a ton of opportunities for me. I'm going to Atlanta for 4 days, Thursday through Sunday, I get to hear the Atlanta Symphony! My band was one of the few at MPA that got all superiors, it felt really good listening to the judges comments. We've been practicing all year for this. Most of the kids have private instructors and put in crazy amounts of practice time. One girl is the number one middle school clarinet player in the state of Florida(according to the all state band anyway)! We even got invited to New York to play at Carnage Hall! It was too expensive for most of the kids so we are going to Atlanta instead, but it would have been really cool. I also wouldn't have the friends I do either. I met most of them in the band room in 6th grade, and we've bonded a great deal over music. It changes peoples lives. If anyone is thinking of joining band, I say go for it!

Hope that was good?
  • #67
Drawing, piano, my dog, basketball, walking
  • #68
Drawing,caring my pet dog and collecting world coins.
  • #69
Gaming, school football team, Fish, Exercising, tech, building
  • #70
Drawing,caring my pet dog and collecting world coins.

Love your dog

Here's my Billy
ImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1459618290.997859.jpg
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Hope that was good?

Of course! Thanks for sharing!

Personally I started playing the piano to follow my first grade crush to music school, haha. I didn't get in right away, but I started taking lessons and eventually managed to make it into the high school music program... only to find out that my crush wasn't there anymore! But hey, I got to learn to play an instrument out of it ; )
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Well billy is officially called Bill (my dad said there would be a big 'bill' from him!) but I prefer to call him billy
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Crochet, amigurumI (crocheting 3d models and items), knitting, video games, netflix, and caring for my dog and snails. If it wasn't for having to have health insurance, I'd try and turn my passion for amigurumI design into a career. It's one of the most relaxing activities in my life and comes pretty natural to me, and I can cuddle my dog and watch movies and my snails as I create. I love it when hobbies can be mutually combined like that.
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My newest hobby is learning ASL. It's such a fun language!
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Art, science, scuba diving, snorkelling, gardening, sailing and more art!
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Pets, photography, painting (watercolor, acrylics, oil), target shooting, maths ...
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Pets, photography, painting (watercolor, acrylics, oil), target shooting, maths ...
Maths? Uhhh......hmmmm.
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I hated math in high school, at the university I got a Phd in (the) philosophy (of maths), I was a huge fan of Martin Gardner in Scientific American .... At a party, math is a wonderful topic if you don't like the people there ....
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I hated math in high school, at the university I got a Phd in (the) philosophy (of maths), I was a huge fan of Martin Gardner in Scientific American .... At a party, math is a wonderful topic if you don't like the people there ....
lol Uhhhh....Yeah. Talk about a buzz kill topic. lol Just evil dude. I bet it's fun though bringing it up to someone that is tipsy and watch them fumble around. lol. Oh wait, I guess that makes me evil too! Ohhhhh nooooo! I guess that makes us twins! Evil Twins Power Activate! (Hope your old enough to get that reference).


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