What Are This Little Moving Things!!!!

  1. elcone691

    elcone691 New Member Member

    yesterday cleaning my hob filter noticed this little moving things living in my filter anyone knows what are they, are they good or bad? Thanks (I had to uploaded on YouTube the video was "too large" please click on the link) thanks
  2. Miaw

    Miaw Valued Member Member

  3. R

    RyanLewis Valued Member Member

    They look like seed shrimp, but without a closer look I can't be sure. I have them in my tank too.
  4. chromedome52

    chromedome52 Fishlore VIP Member

    They look like Cyclops to me, and move like them, too. The short jerky movements are characteristic of Cyclops, as are the two egg sacs hanging from the rear of the animal.
  5. OP

    elcone691 New Member Member

    Thanks guys... should i do something to remove-kill them or just leave it alone