what are these?? Question

  1. aquarium dunce Member Member

    Well in the continuing saga of my pond snail ridden tank... today all of these egg looking things have attached themselves to the sides of the tank. I have never seen them before. Any ideas??? I have 5 corys, 6 cardinals, and 3 platies.. oh yea and 4 assassin snails in the tank. Totally off subject but...I just noticed my little cory's in the pictures they are such cuties lol

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  2. bubblefish Member Member

    Could they be cory eggs?

  3. platy ben Well Known Member Member

  4. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    cories or snail eggs ..depending on what type of snails you had...congrats daddy/mommy!

  5. aquarium dunce Member Member

    oh boy oh boy.... ok so what do I do??? Anything special?? lol I get to be a cory Momma lol
  6. Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    Yeah! Cory eggs! They do like to scatter their eggs from what I've read.
    Bet of luck for some fry!
  7. platy ben Well Known Member Member

    Well if this is your only tank they will likely get eaten. But if you have another tank free, very gently scrape the eggs into a net or something, then put them in a container while under water, it is important that the eggs stay under water, then move the container full of water with eggs in into the other tank and once again, gently tip the container on its side and gently (a very gentle process here;)) move them from the container into the water but make sure you do this near the bottom of the tank so they do not fall too far :)

  8. aquarium dunce Member Member

    the only other tank I have is a 5 gallon with a male betta... would that work?? Or would the betta eat them??
  9. platy ben Well Known Member Member

    Sadly the betta would eat them, even a plastic container with heater and filter which is cycled would suffice for the babies until they are a reasonable size.

    EDIT: Clearly the container would have to be a suitable size, e.g 1 Gallon MINIMUM, I would recommend atleast 2 Gallons
  10. aquarium dunce Member Member

    ok.... thanks how quick do i need to get them out of the tank... i have a dip and pour container to acclimate new fish... would it be ok to put the eggs in that with the aquarium water until I can get another tank quick cycled with filter media and gravel?

  11. platy ben Well Known Member Member

    Well I'm surprized that they havent already been eaten, but if they do survive until the hatch, the fry will be eaten for sure I should think.
    Are you going to rescue the eggs or leave them?
  12. aquarium dunce Member Member

    I think I am going to try to rescue.... can I put the eggs in a dip and pour container (like they use in the pets stores) until I can get a place quick cycled
  13. platy ben Well Known Member Member

    Aslong as they are in, warm cycled water and ideally have some sort of water movement, e.g airstone or something, they should be ok.
    How long have they been in your tank for?
  14. aquarium dunce Member Member

    2 days... you know I also have a breeder container that might work... it has little slits for water movement and would float in my current cycled tank
  15. platy ben Well Known Member Member

    They are likely to be hatching soon then so you need to act fast if you want to save them.
    I would also advise setting up a brine shrimp hatchery, it is super easy! Here is a great link :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uNkHPuGaqo
    You do not have to do this, but baby shrimp would make great food for the fry if you rescue them :)
  16. aquarium dunce Member Member

    well I just braved the blizzard lol (its snowing really hard here in VA where I live) tried to save the eggs but could not pry off the walls of the tank.... however upon closer look I found 2 baby platies swimming around....I guess one of my male platies is really a girl lol I tried to catch the babies but they are hiding very well in a big dense plant.
    What do you use to pry the eggs off the walls??
  17. platy ben Well Known Member Member

    Well its more a case of sweeping them lol.
    I have a aluminum algae scraper and when I once had cory eggs I just used this and held a container underneath and slowly slid them in :).
    They would be fine in the breeding container :)
    If I were you I would try and get the eggs into your breeder container and then leave them in there, then meanwhile cycle another tank or container that is like 5 Gallons and move the babies into there once they start swimming :)
  18. Elodea Well Known Member Member

    Since cory eggs harden fairly quickly after they are laid, you could use a razor blade to pry them off...CAREFULLY! According to one of my favorite sites: http://aqualandpetsplus.com/Catfish,%20Corydoras.htm, you could feed them microworms...don't know about the tank though.
  19. aquarium dunce Member Member

    thanks for all the help... I am snowed in at the moment and can't get to where the tank is (the tank is with a disabled lady that I take care of) When I talked to her today she had seen the 2 platy fry but nothing else at the moment. I will be better prepared for the next spawn if we are lucky.
  20. kelsangdol Member Member

    Good luck with them! :;hug2