What Are These? Question

  1. Lindsey Sheppard Initiate Member

    Hi, we got an established tank through Facebook market, got it cleaned up and running, and have noticed these but figured they wouldn't make it through all the changes. However, these little dudes have managed to open and close since we got them a few weeks ago. But I don't know what they are. They are white with a slightly orange-ish middle. You can't see them well in the photos because of my light, but I figured you guys might be able to identify them.

  2. Lindsey Sheppard Initiate Member

    They are the little white bulbs on either side of the photo
  3. Piggy50 Initiate Member

    Is it living rock?
  4. Lindsey Sheppard Initiate Member

  5. Piggy50 Initiate Member

    Okay, I'll get back to you ASAP
  6. Lindsey Sheppard Initiate Member

    Okay, thank you! I'll try to get a better image. The tank was established before as a reef. However it had been sitting without much attention when we went to get it.
  7. Lindsey Sheppard Initiate Member

    They might be some kind of zoa??
  8. Piggy50 Initiate Member

    does it open in the day?
    Does it retract at night?
    Does is retract when you poke or touch it?

    If yes then it's an anemone. Some anemones can hurt and kill fish. From the picture it looks like a majano anemone. They are harder to get rid of than normal anemones. Though majanos are usually green or brown. If you want to get rid of them, then you can use one of these products, aqua vision aquatics aiptasia, joes juice aiptasia, eliminator, or Red Sea aiptasia-x. Then here are some things that might eat the anemones, peppermint shrimp, and copperband butterfly fish. Hope this helps!
  9. Piggy50 Initiate Member

  10. Lindsey Sheppard Initiate Member

    It opens with light and closes (normally) when it's dark. I just poked it softly and it didn't really do anything.

    I pulled the rock from the tank so I could get an accurate image
  11. Piggy50 Initiate Member

    Okay let me look into it some more
  12. Piggy50 Initiate Member

    Okay I know most likely what it is. It's probably a white sponge
  13. Piggy50 Initiate Member

  14. Lindsey Sheppard Initiate Member

    Are you certain? It seems to have a middle of some sort. Wanted you to see it in the water too.
  15. Piggy50 Initiate Member

    White Sponges won't hurt anything in your tank, in some cases they can even be good for it. You can try to keep the rock out of the water to kill it but that might not work
  16. Piggy50 Initiate Member

    I'm not certain, I'll keep looking. But so far that's the closest thing I have found.
  17. Piggy50 Initiate Member

  18. Piggy50 Initiate Member

    If they are then unfortunately it picture is for the algae not the other things
  19. Lindsey Sheppard Initiate Member

    They are more white and have some orange near the center. They close up into little cups sometimes and open wide when I turn my light on.
  20. Lindsey Sheppard Initiate Member

    They also have like tiny tiny tentacles that are white tipped. One of them is a lot more orange in the middle then the other.