What Are These Little White Dots? Help

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  1. Jasper97 New Member Member

    I have a 20 gallon tank and I have noticed little white dots in my aquarium scattered over everything. The first time I noticed them was when I accidentally removed them when cleaning the aquarium, but I noticed they are back/there are more of them. All the fish I have are livebearers, so they can't be eggs from them. I do have two apple snails, but from what I have heard they lay eggs in clutches, not scattered around the aquarium décor. Could it still be from them though? From what I have seen so far the white dots don't move. Does anyone know what these are?

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  2. WTFish? Well Known Member Member

  3. Jasper97 New Member Member

    They were supposed to be when I got them, but it could totally be possible. I have only had snails once before, so I don't know a lot about them. The ones I had before were definitely apple snails. Is there a way to know the difference?

  4. WTFish? Well Known Member Member

    Can you post a photo? Here’s a photo of my nerite (the brownish one on top). She’s on top of my mystery who is on top of my ramshorn. Lol
  5. Jasper97 New Member Member

    Sorry the photo is kind of blurry. This is the only one right now that can be photographed, but it is still in an awkward place in the back of the aquarium.
  6. WTFish? Well Known Member Member

    Hm I’m on my phone so it’s small, hard for me to tell, does resemble an apple. I see something going on with it’s shell, a chip or something? You can see nerite eggs in my above photo if that helps.
  7. Jasper97 New Member Member

    The eggs in your photo look identical to the ones in my aquarium. And yes, when I got the snail it already had a crack across the front of it's shell. It isn't deep or anything and doesn't seem to bother the snail.
  8. WTFish? Well Known Member Member

    Yeah, it happens, sorry it’s hard to see the snail. Also, nerite eggs won’t hatch in freshwater so no worries there. They don’t bother me so I leave them, some people prefer to scrape them off but it’s difficult.
  9. Jasper97 New Member Member

    I'm fine with them there I just wanted to make sure it wasn't anything harmful. Thank you for all your help.