What are the odds lol


I have 6 angels which I randomly split into 3 pairs in 3 tanks shortly after getting them, about a year ago.

3 juveniles and 3 adults.

The first pair both adults have spawned unsucessfully but repeatedly (me thinks the pleco in their tanks eats the babies that make it to hatching)

The second pair spawned 2 weeks ago but again with no sucess - the male has one eye and swims horizontally so I don't think his aI'm so to speak is very good, only a quarter were fertile. there is a small pleco and a yoyo loach here.

And 3 days ago the third pair laid eggs, about 25 are now at the wriggling stage. In with this pair are Garra loaches, cherry barbs, corys, swordtails and atm (rescued and waiting to be rehomed) a pair of African tetras (big rabid plant eaters) oh and some checkered barbs.

I hope some survive finally. If any do- I think they should be removed from mum and dad after 3 days of free swimming, is that right???

Am amazed to have got 3 males and 3 females and mixed them into breeding pairs, purely by accident !!

My One eyed angel somehow managed to get into the filter and spent time ( possibly all day) wedged against the heater. He was a mess when I got him out, but 3 weeks later he is breeding, I am impressed with his powers of recovery. ( He knocked the filter cover off but still don't know how he got inside it, it was above the waterline.......)

Sorry this is long, am rather enamoured with the angelfishes lol



It depends on the fry if they are strong and healthy then you can remove the parents. This usually is in between day 8 and 15. and the plecos most likely will eat the eggs.
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No pleco to eat them, only cory and thaI flying fox. who have been living at the far end of the tank since they laid their eggs.

Babies hatched and now 48 hours hatched - wriggling well.

parents keep mouthing them and rearranging them on the filter cover.

I am impressed how attentive they are for a first clutch ( 'clutch' ?? that's chickens , what is a group of baby fish? baby shoal? no.... )

I just wondered how long before I kidnap the free swimming babes away to the nursery tank ??

sadly I will be away (baby daughter in hospital for a few days tomorrow) and will miss them becoming free swimming.

lets hope some survive.

Helene x

joshua 74

hope some survive.


I refer to a group of fry as a batch of fry... and Congratz


That has to be VERY exciting! I hope some live!
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Around 25 survived to leave the filter cover but I think were eaten by tank mates over the next few days. I fished 2 out and now have 2 growing babies in the nursery tank.

The pair have spawned again ( barely 10 days later) and atm have 30 odd wrigglers still hanging onto the filter cover,

at what point can I remove the fry from the tank? can I do this now while they are still being rounded up and spat back on the cover? or do I have to wait until they drop off? this seems to be the danger time for them as the other fish go straight for them.

The other 2 pairs have also laid eggs within days of eachother , the big tank disappeared overnight (the pleco really likes eggs it seems) but the others are doing well.

is there some sort of trigger? they all seems to spawn within days of eachother even though they are in different tanks...

babies are very sweet.

Thanks Helene


some tips...whenever you have a spawn , you have to have some type of lighting on the tank 24/7 or the parents, other fish will get to them for a snack...some of the ones that haven't got to the free swimming stage, could be a set of females...they will spawn over and over and act like a pair, when they are the same sex...and I know from all my pairs, the other the angels are, the less likely any fish will be able to get near their spawns....things that trigger spawning is water changes, more protein foods (bloodworms) and weather changes...I hope you get some success with them! and goodluck with your daughter!!!!
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Well, I was lucky and caught the moment when the majority decided to leave the filter cover and swim free (despite the frantic parents catching them and spitting them back to the wall). I waved a net at them avoiding the parents who didnt like me doing it at all.

4 days later I have 20 babies in the nursery tank all eating and swimming well. Also have 1 survivor from the first spawning who is growing fast.

My local aquarium shop will take them when they are bigger so I am hopeful. They are a pleasure to watch.

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