what are some signs\clues that my guppy is ready to give birth? Important 

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I have 1 female guppy and im 100% sure that she is pregnant.
Since I bought her she has been fat.
She has been in the tank for 1 month now.
She is very fat and looks squary.she also has a dark gravid spot.
I would like to know if there is a way that I can tell when she is going to give? Possibly a clue.
I really need to know this .
Also when would be a good time to put her in the breeding box.
Its already in the tank waiting for the fry.
When should I put her in it.
She has been pregnant for 28 days already possibly more so should I put her in there now.
There is also 3 platies in the tank so I don't want to risk them getting eaten by them.


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the back of her gravid spot will get "pointed" and her chest will pudge out in to a right angle (but will not get pointed). she will also get very stationary, and not really pay attention to whats going on around her. leading up to her drop, she will take in food, then spit out most of it. you will also be able to see little eyes in her gravid spot. sometimes, she may hang out at the bottom with her head down and tail up.

i would wait untill you see her dropping before you put her in the breeder. if you put her in before, you could stress her out, and she will hold them in a few days longer.

i hope i got it all >.< if i think of any more, i'll add 'em ^_^

good luck with the fry!


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When viewed from the front, her underside should take on a boxy appearance. Also they tend to lose appetite and do a lot of hovering and panting. It actually looks a lot like ammonia poisoning minus the red gills.

Once you start seeing these signs, put her in the breeder. Leave her in there unless she is acting stressed. If she is acting stressed you may want to wait till she is dropping fry to move her. Best of luck!
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