What are some good tankmates for honey gouramis

  1. Jiggyjigmah

    Jiggyjigmah Valued Member Member

    20 long
    Aqua clear 70
    four albino cories,
    school of cardnial tetras (7?)
    plus the honey gourami.

    Would that work? Anything else, or is that enough? I would like another fish that's the same size (or slightly larger), if I can safely add it.
  2. Coradee

    Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    I'd add another Honey, if yours is a male then get a female, & up the number of corys as they should be kept in groups of 6+
  3. f

    fishingdeep Valued Member Member

    I have a bias for fancy goldfish and you have a nice one.
  4. JeffK

    JeffK Well Known Member Member

    Your 20 long has the same footprint as a 29 gal. I have a honey gourami and a bolivian ram in my 29 gal and they get along great. (I have lots of hiding places though they rarely use them). The Bolivian sticks to the lower levels of the tank while the honey is all over the place.