What Are Some Good Betta Tanks? I've Included A Link In The Description For A 3 Gallon.

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by DanielleFish, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. DanielleFish

    DanielleFishWell Known MemberMember

  2. Polyrhythm

    PolyrhythmValued MemberMember

    While I didn't buy mine for a betta, Petco sells 5G glofish tank kits with a preset heater, filter, and lights for $50. Not sure how good the filter is but it's a good price for more room and a heater as well.
  3. Lance0414

    Lance0414Well Known MemberMember

    Bettas need a 20 Gallon or more for fish tankmates(though i have a very peaceful Betta with tankmates in a 10 gallon) though you could do a snail(Nerite, Apple, Pond/Pest).
  4. MommaLake

    MommaLakeWell Known MemberMember

    10 gallon tank from petco 1$/gallon sale with a sponge filter. I'd get an adjustable air pump so you can tailor the flow to how your Betta likes it. Can't beat the price and your Betta gets plenty of room and better water quality.
  5. OP

    DanielleFishWell Known MemberMember

    not tank mates! Just a single Betta!!
  6. Lance0414

    Lance0414Well Known MemberMember

    Sorry i read the title wrong, How about a Aqueon 10 Gallon or a Fluval 5 Gallon Spec.
  7. Over ItWell Known MemberMember

    You can get the 5.5 gal starter kits from Petsmart for just a bit more than that. I've had 2 that have worked great for years. If you have the chance though I would switch out the led light hood for a regular one. The light isn't bright enough for my liking with the LED built in lights.
  8. fransj

    fransjValued MemberMember

    I know its a little late, but I got the PETCO brand 3.7 gal kit, total cost between heater, plants, substrate, food, conditioner, decor and fish was about $90.00 with online price matching.

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