What are all the types of apple snail?

  1. f

    fallonrhea Valued Member Member

    I'm wondering, what is every single type of apple/Mystery snail you can find?? I'm so curious about this!
  2. TexasDomer

    TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    There are many species in the genus Pomacea. Or do you mean colors?
  3. xxbyamomentx

    xxbyamomentx Valued Member Member

    Apple snails are the large ones, and they will commonly eat your plants. I have two, and they completely destroyed my water sprite, yet left both amazon sword plants alone. I'm honestly not sure if they come in other colors, I have only ever seen shades of yellow and brown in the apple snails.

    Mystery snails are the much smaller snails that seem to come in a lot more colors. I've never had a mystery snail eat any of my plants. These little guys are the ones you find in purples, reds, greens, yellows, ivory...
  4. OP

    fallonrhea Valued Member Member

  5. Bithimala

    Bithimala Fishlore VIP Member

    Purple, green, blue, yellow, ivory, black, magenta... Some will be more solid colors and some more swirly patterns.