What am i doing wrong!?

Discussion in 'Aquarium Plants' started by GAguayo, Aug 10, 2015.

  1. GAguayo

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    Ive been fighting BBA algae a while now. Thesee are my lights.


    pH 7.0
    Amonia 0
    Nitrite 0
    Nitrate 0
    Phosphate 10 PPM (maybe more)

    My tank is about 16-18 inches deep, i dose KH2PO4, Iron Chelate, KNO3, and traces every other day GH booster weekly after WCs I inject gas and up until yesterday it was at like 60 PPM (didn't see the fish struggle but i reduced it and their more active now) someone suggested I move my lights up. How far should i move them up? Anything else i might be doing wrong? Any other info would be apreciated.
  2. Dolfan

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    Perhaps your leaving your lights on too much. Are you having consistent CO2 levels? Fluctuations can cause BBA, not just overall low levels. Once BBA gets started it can be hard to kill and get rid of.

    Here is a link to a thread I put together on algae....


    You may want to try the method listed under the "whole tank treatment" section. I have used it well to eradicate BBA problems in the past. It seemed safe for my fish and shrimp, no issues, but be careful and follow the directions closely. Be sure to read through as the OP adjusted the original formula based on feedback. Once you eradicate the BBA, it will be easier to control with consistent CO2 levels.

    Also, don't think of it as you are doing something wrong. Planted tanks are a constant balancing act. Figuring out what works and what doesn't, and adjusting things as needed. Once you get things "perfect" then something else will change and you have to adjust the balance again. Everyone's tank has some algae, it's just a matter of limiting it as much as possible, which can be frustrating, but don't take it personal, the algae is not out to get you, haha.
  3. BDpups

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    I would guess the CO2 is the cause. Do you leave it on 24/7?
  4. OP

    GAguayoValued MemberMember

    No my lights are on a 6 hour cycle. 8-10 am 830pm-1am

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  5. BDpups

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    I don't see the point in breaking up the photo period, especially with pressurized CO2. I have read people's theories here on why they think it works but personally think you are better off no matter what type of set up you have leaving your lights on for a continuous amount of time.

    I meant do you leave your CO2 on 24/7. If you don't, give that a try. It will give you a consistent amount in your tank and maybe the answer to the problem.

    When the CO2 is not kept at a consistent level, sometimes that is the issue. And since you have changed it from 60ppm to less, that probably did not help. Shoot for 30ppm , maybe a bit more, and see if that helps. Don't have it shut if either.
  6. AlyeskaGirl

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    Well, lets see here. You have split photo period. Is the CO2 set to go on and off with your split photoperiod?
  7. OP

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