What alge is this

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    Please do not keep bumping your thread, we have members on many different time zones & they will respond when they can
  4. Slug Well Known Member Member

    Do you have a link to the bigger video? Hard to see. Looks like a type of hair algae from the small frame video.

    Is the tank fully cycled? All tanks will go through an algae phase in their life time. If past that, excess nutrients and/or phosphates getting into the tank. Do you use RODI water for top offs and water changes?

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    I only took like a 10 sec video or however long it was yes fully cycled and no I live on Hawaii so I get free filtered salt water that the state put in that goes out into the ocean it gets filtered then comes up to a tap
  6. Mike Fishlore Admin Moderator Member

    Looks like diatom bloom. Have you tested the water for nitrates and phosphates?
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    Yes yesterday phosphates were either at 0 or very close to 0 nitrates were at what looked like in between 0-10

  8. Mike Fishlore Admin Moderator Member

    What are you using to test the phosphates? The only way I can get any reading for phosphates is the hanna meter. You want it to be in the .03 to .09 range. I run phosguard 24/7 in a reactor in my sump to keep phosphates and silicates low. Live rock handles the nitrates.

    When the phosphates start creeping back up I replace the phosguard. Lots of folks use rowaphos instead to achieve the same results, low phosphates.

    A turbo snail would help control it too.. How big is your tank?
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    API master reef kit test and I use chemipure elite in my hob filter and I've been looking for turbos but no luck at my LFS I have a 65g
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    Update: alge is starting to slowly go away