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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Deedo12, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. Deedo12Valued MemberMember

    So my 20 gallon tank recently went through a slight ich outbreak (good old local fish stores‍♀️) in which I treated with ichx- cleared it up in a few weeks, but had 2 casualties- I lost a gold German ram and a peppered cory, leaving me with another gold German ram, pepper cory, mystery snail, and balloon molly. I’ve been doing 30-50% water changes every week to two weeks and water parameters have been good.

    Temp was raised to 84F during ich treatment and gradually lowered to about 80F now
    Ammonia 0
    Nitrate 0
    Nitrite 0
    pH 7.5
    GH 30
    KH 120

    As of late I’ve realized my peppered cory is lethargic and has a few red marks on him, and my gold German ram is a little twitchy, has 1-2 red marks on her and has a white mark on her head which I’m not sure if it’s a fungus or healing from scraping on decor when there was ich in the tank. I’ve done some reading and it looks like it could be flukes. I need some help diagnosing, and if it is flukes what is the least harmful way to treat- I don’t want to harm my mystery snail and unfortunately I don’t have a quarantine tank help! Idk why any of this is happening I’ve been trying so hard to stay on top of everything

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  2. SeasoldierWell Known MemberMember

    Sorry it's hard to tell from the pics but it doesn't look like flukes to me, the red & white patches you describe sound more like a bacterial infection, are the white areas flat or do the have a fuzzy appearance like cotton wool?

  3. Deedo12Valued MemberMember

    Started off flat, lately it’s started to look a little fuzzy.. what would I use to treat it? I have melafix. I’ve used it once before in the past. Suggestions? (Has to be snail safe)
  4. SeasoldierWell Known MemberMember

    OK, if it's starting to go fuzzy it's more likely a fungal infection possibly because your fish's immune systems have been compromised by the ich & treatment. First thing to make sure is that your water is kept pristine clean & all parameters are good this will help them heal & boost the immune systems again. You could try something like API Fungus Cure, it also treats secondary bacterial infections. The description doesn't say it's not safe for inverts like snails & I can't see anything in the ingredients which would hurt them, it does say it will colour your water but that will gradually filter out. Your Melafix would help with bacterial infection but it's not anti-fungal.
  5. Deedo12Valued MemberMember

    Okay thanks so much. I’ll look into it
  6. finnipper59Well Known MemberMember

    You treated with Melafix which is good antibacterial. But ich is a paracite. Ich can be cured without medication using heat and salt...both a no no for cories and snails. Secondary infections such as fungi and parasites will take advantage of wounded areas. I suggest you try a treatment with PraziPro. Get the little 1 oz bottle as you will only need 1 tsp 1 time for a 5 day treatment. It's safe for snails and plants.
  7. Deedo12Valued MemberMember

    Yes I treated with melafix a few months ago for a previous issue. I still have it though. Will Prazipro effect my healthy fish? Do you recommend that or API fungus cure, API general cure, etc? I don’t want to backtrack and do more harm
  8. finnipper59Well Known MemberMember

    API General Cure is the same medication as PraziPro except General Cure adds salt which is a no no for snails and cories. The only side effect I had was loss of appitite during treatment because I slightly overdosed them, but it doesn't cause any harm. It won't harm and will make your tank paracite free. I used it in my 30 gallon angelfish tank 7 months ago because I had 1 Gourami in there that died from hole in the head disease. My remaining fish showed no signs of illness, but neither did the Gourami until it died, so I treated the whole tank with PraziPro and haven't had any disease problems since.
  9. TexasGuppyWell Known MemberMember

    melafix and primafix are both pretty weak treatment options. I've read that 'actual' fungus infection are very rare and it's almost always bacterial in nature.
    However, https://www.amazon.com/Seachem-N-A-Kanaplex-Pack/dp/B00LASJTJE Kanaplex does treat both and is broad spectrum treatment.
    Fuzzy white growth could be calumnaris, which kanaplex would treat, since it's a gram-negative bacteria.
    "KanaPlex is a broad spectrum anti-biotic that treats both gram negative and gram positive bacteria"
  10. finnipper59Well Known MemberMember

    If you do suspect that your problem is bacterial, then go ahead and treat with Kanaplex as Texas guppy suggested. Kanaplex begins working pretty fast. It won't cure it instantly, but it would stop it from spreading instantly. If it continues to spread while using Kanaplex, then it's paracites. Stop using Kanaplex, do a large partial water change and treat with PraziPro. Using both at the same time is not recommended.
  11. Deedo12Valued MemberMember

    It sounds like Prazipro may be more beneficial for me to use
  12. Deedo12Valued MemberMember

    Well, sad to say by the time I got home yesterday my cory has passed. My molly and snail are still perfect and my ram still has the white patch on his head and it looks a little better. I decided to put a little melafix in the water though just to be safe (and knowing it won’t harm my snail and other fish since I’ve used it before).

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