Wew Hew!!!! The fry making is under way....Again

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    So I reported about two weeks ago that our Blue Acara had spawned and we had fry in the tank. But...on about day 3-4 they all vanished and no one has seen a sign of them. To my understanding this is common for first time Cichlid parents. So as of now they are spawning again. I have divided the tank to the other fish do not bother them. Took out the Black Kuhli loaches about two weeks ago too. The tank for the other fish arrives tomorrow along with two hospital tanks. But I only have water to do for about two thirds of the tank cycling right now. Acara give off a lot of ammonia too. So I will have to cycle a week or so as is. The tank they are in now has perfect water perimeters, and maintains them easily. Would it be wrong to skim say a gallon of water from this tank daily and poor it into the tank that is cycling for the fish transfer? I think it would help them acclimate too, but I want to be sure. Any advice on the the fry is most welcome too.
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    I just watched two fry tanks side by side for over a month, and it was obvious from the start red zebra was a way better mother. the auratus ate all but four of her fry while I was at work today. bummer. from what I've heard they will do this in their first few pregnancies and not so much as they get older. hopefully for us this is true. I knew that I wasn't supposed to leave them together for more than a week but, the zebra made me feel like I had nothing to worry about. and as far as the skimming goes.... I would do it but, maybe you should let other people give you advice on that
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    Thanks for the response. The info you gave on the Acara and their babies really helps. We were wondering if it was us or not. And there is not a lot of info out there about them having this characteristic.
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    So here is a link to a you tube video updating all our tanks with clips of the Acara fry as well....