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    I started ordering fish via eBay, aqua bid, etc. a little over 2 years ago. Living on the east coast, I tried to find sellers fairly close by, trying to limit the shipping time/distance for the fish. I've looked at Wet Spot Tropical's site and their stocking list dozens of times, but never ordered due to the long distance. Well, a few weeks ago, I finally ordered a pair of Apisto Borellii Opals (which includes splurging for overnight shipping). Fish were mailed on a Monday, arrived on a Tue, and were packed impeccably. The fish look great, and they're doing great. One thing to be aware of - they sell many cichlids as "unsexed pairs," meaning they do not guarantee you'll get a male and female, but they really seem to do their best to make sure it happens, as I did contact them about this and they were very good about responding to me. Will not hesitate to order from them again, despite the Oregon to Pennsylvania distance. Expensive, but well-worth the money. (Funny how I started ordering fish online a little over 2 years ago, and I still have every one of those fish, while I've certainly lost some of my Petco purchases in much less time!)
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    Good to know! :)
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    Even all the way down here in Texas, I'm a big fan of Wet Spot. And I really enjoy their weekly newsletter that comes out (via email) every Friday - it always marks the start of my weekend :D
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    I live in the Midwest and most of the LFS around here are into to marine tanks more than freshwater. There are plenty of box stores around, but I'm not really into common community tanks. If I can't find what I want from someone I know who breeds fish, I get them online.

    I have tanks full of fish from the Wet Spot. I have gotten all my Exodon Tetra from there. There characin selection is second to none. They have an extremely accommodating and friendly staff. I would not hesitate to buy from them and recommend them to anyone. No matter where you live.

    I have family in Portland and got to check it out in person. Very impressed. Made me want to move.
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    I was going to private message u but couldn't figure out how lol can I ask how much the shipping was? I saw it starts at 35$
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    Having fish shipped is never cheap. It depends on where you live and how much weight you are having sent. So the more fish, the more it will cost. But starting at $35 sounds about right. I look at it this way. If I can't get the fish anywhere else, the shipping is just part of buying the fish. i justify it by telling myself they are just expensive fish.
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