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    I have a wet dry sump filter that is supposedly for up to 150 gal. tank. I have a external pump of 600 gph. Will this filter a 200 gallon? It's going full blast into the aquarium. Any answers will be greatly appreciated.
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    What I've learned is that your filter should process ten times as many gallons as the volume of the tank per hour. For a 200 gallon tank, this means 2000 gallons per hour. It also depends on the fish, as some are very messy and need more filtration to keep the water clean as compared to other fish. I actually posted a similar thread not long ago and there were mixed opinions.
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    Good morning,

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    Personally I think 600gph (gallons per hour) is a bit low for a 200g tank. On my 265g tank I have 2650gph.

    If it is within your means for additional filtration, I would add it. At the very least I would suggest 1000gph, lightly stocked.

    Filtration GPH should be 5 to 10 x's the tank volume depending on the type of filtration used.

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    mmm your going at just under 4 turn overs, I would aim for 5 -6. Just personal preference here taught from some friends I trust so I go off this rule, With sumps you have a lot more media in your tank then a normal canister so you dont need such a high turn over rate think of this way, You have a fx5 which holds 4.9 L of media and 3pads of foam vs a sump that (depending on size) is holding close to 50-100L of media + 5-10 larger sheets of mech then a canister, your pushing water over more media so you dont require to turn it over as much 1 turn over is 4-5 times the contact with media then a canister.

    This is just what I have been shown and seen no issues with the water/fish being kept in these systems for 5 years plus. all this said if I was you I would just leave it and add some other filters to add up for the extra 50G, I miss read and believed you had a 150G tank as a sump for the 200G so jumped to the fact you would have a lot of media space.
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    I agree... Sumps, wet and dry's and canisters do ot need 10x turnover/hour...

    Squirtle pretty much nailed it perfectly