Wet/Dry Filter

  1. K

    Kent799 Initiate Member

    I've been reading up on the wet/dry filter and from my understanding the bio balls are used to take nitrite and turn it into nitrate. I'm curious how this will affect a tank cycling with a wet/dry filter and what I should be looking for? Will I ever see the nitrite spike and then drop or will it just always be zero because of the bio balls?

  2. Jaysee

    Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    Once they are colonized, the balls will perform like any other biomedia. If you currently have a colony somewhere which is processing ammonia and nitrite, then it will take time for the biomalls to be colonized. As it happens though, the other colony will decrease in size as the total amount of bacteria is spread between the two filters. If the tank is not cycled yet, then adding the wet/dry will not save you from the nitrite spike. The nitrite bacteria can only start developing after the ammonia bacteria has developed and processed ammonia into nitrite. So if the tank is not cycled, then it will get a nitrite spike no matter what kind of filter you use.