Went To Fish Auction Today With Pics

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Had a "Great time" Just thought I would share some pics. I did pickup 20 Red Cherry Shrimp (needed to add a new strain to my shrimp tank) also 20 Blue Dream shrimp for another tank. Crazy low prices. The highest price today was for Discus ( $125 and $85 about the size of my hand). I did sell Bolivian Rams, Tequila Sunrise Guppy and a ton of Mystery snails. I highly recommend to any member if you have an Auction near you. Go and Have some Fun!!

Auction Table.jpg

Cichlids secion2.jpg

Catfish Section.jpg

Invert and Live food section.jpg

Plant section.jpg
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That’s pretty cool to see!
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Cool! I want to go!
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Ugh, so jealous! Wish I had one of these nearby.
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Do a search, I found a club near me had a website decided to go to auction last year.
They have 2 per year. The also have a schedule of upcoming shows and auction within a few states close by. Here is a link to the club I belong to. I ended up joining and get email alerts of members selling fish and stuff. Hope this helps you get to one.
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jmaldo Where was this one at?
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Thanks for sharing...if they have an auction in Pittsburgh, I will be there.
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As mentioned I highly recommend going to one if you can. Some answers to Questions from another forum I posted too.

Is the auction fairly short? It was still going when I left at 4pm and I got there are 9:30am

I can't imagine fish being in bags all day ? I thought the same thing but then when we have fish shipped the fish are in the bags longer than a day.

Is there a program of the event you can post? Here is a link.

It appears to be just one very long/large table. Was that the case? The very long table plus another table and a corner of used tanks.

How many people? At least 100-150.

How do you know which fish are from which seller? Each seller has an ID and most have labels with contact info.

I guess you really need to trust the sellers since you can't see if the fish act/look healthy when they are bags.
I have found you can trust most so far. A lot of the sellers are club members and local breeders whom have accounts on Aquabid. I talked with some sellers from Michigan, Pennsylvania and from all over the state of Ohio. Great folks who really care about there fish., But I suppose there is still a risk.

The auctions I have attended received 30-40% of sale.
My club takes a 70/30 split, if your a member 75/25

The prices are unbeatable. And no shipping charges. As mentioned I picked up 20 Red Cherry Shrimp for $12 and 10 Blue Dream shrimp for
$22. At past auctions I picked up 4 Angels for $12, 3 Tequila Sunrise Guppy for $8, Plants for a couple of $'s a piece. Entered a Raffle for $1 and got to pick an Omega One Flake food (5 oz). I even contacted the seller about the Angels and after trading a few emails he had the Bolivian Pair available for $15 that are the parents of the fry I have.

Also I sold,
2 bags of 50 Baby Mystery Snails for $10 and $12 (with 3 bags remaining to be auctioned)
1 bag of 5 Tequila Sunrise Guppy for $13 (with 1 bag remaining to be auctioned)
6 Bags of 4 Bolivian Rams - unsure of price they had not been auctioned when I left @ 4pm
The club will tally the sales take their cut and send me a check.

Win Win Win for the club, the seller and the buyer.

Hope this Helps. Happy Auctioning to everyone.
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So, in summary, what you are saying is is have a tank(s) ready for stock upon visiting the auction?!!!
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Wow that looks like a great auction!!
I’m not allowed to go to my local club auctions unsupervised (so my daughter says lol) I always end up buying stuff.
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sloughdog You got it. That's the dilemma we all face, having enough tanks or will power to "Just say No". Believe me its tough.

Coradee Funny, you need a chaperone to go to the auction. LOL I did ask my son to remind me as I walked out the door and he did "Remember Dad, No Fish" and he checked my bags when I got home.

I was a good boy, Only bought what I needed, the shrimp well the Red Cherries anyway. I could not pass up the Blue Dream Shrimp. LOL
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So, in summary, what you are saying is is have a tank(s) ready for stock upon visiting the auction?!!!

I always tried to have at least 4 or 5, and would usually have to do emergency setups in addition to those when I got home.
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Just an FYI. Got a check from the fish club today for my sales. That was quick, less than a week, I really had no idea how long it would take. So after the club took their 25%, I made a grand total of $109.50. Yeah, I was surprised my fish and snails sold for that much. Got a lot more then the LFS wanted to give me. I guess there is money to be to be made for a "Stumble into Breeding". I did spend $34 as mentioned for the Red Cherry and Blue Dream shrimp. I still have 100+ Bolivian Ram fry, 100+ Mystery Snails and guess what another 8 Tequila Sunrise guppy fry. On to the next auction.
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There are usually a lot of auctions in northern Ohio in the spring. If you are willing to drive a couple of hours, you shouldn't have any trouble finding more of them.
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Were there any vendors there or strictly regular folks selling stuff?
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From the people I spoke with and the bag labels, there were quite a few vendors along with club members and the public. The people and vendors ranged from local to all over Ohio to the surrounding states Michigan, PA, I enjoyed this one the most so far, I guess just getting used to the format and such. As mentioned it was a "Great Time" and I made some $'s.

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