Well that didn't take long - the dreaded MTS

  1. Chris99

    Chris99 Well Known Member Member

    After a lot of trial and error cycling my 75 gallon tank it finally finished. For a while I kept thinking I was done but both ammonia and nitrite would continue to fluctuate. I've finally been 0,0,10 for about a week and decided to get the gouramis I've been wanting to finish off my tank (for now). While at the store my 4 year old put on his extra sad face when I said we couldn't get platys at the same time because that was too many fish at once. Long story short my 20 gallon quarantine is now set up as a permanent second tank with 4 red platys and I officially have MTS. I used a chunk of biosponge from my existing wet/dry in the new filter in hopes it will cycle very quickly. Of course it was only after we got home I realized we got 1 male and 3 females platys so who knows what will happen next.
  2. Lucy

    Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    Happens fast doesn't it? lol

    Since you removed some media, keep a close eye on the larger tank's parameters.

    Now you need a 3rd tank for QT. haha!
  3. Fishy Friends

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    Hi Chris & welcome to Fishlore!

    MTS...it is an ongoing syndrome & with a 4 year to help...you have just begun - enjoy :;f:;betta:;betta2:;fishy10:;fr