Well, scary encounter last night, not as safe as I thought...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Codyandme1, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. Codyandme1Valued MemberMember

    Well me and mum had an encounter with an unwanted and uninvited guest last night, even with the door locked, latched and bolted closed he still managed to get in!
    Left trails of sandy boot prints everywhere, and actually came into my room!
    I didn't dare to move, I had no way to defend myself if I did, he even went through my draws.

    Can you guess what I'm talking about yet?
    Yep, we got burgled.

    I can see everything In the house from my room if my door is open, he snooped around some more, mum called my name because she thought it was me playing silly buggars so he grabbed some stuff and bolted, i screamed my head off by this time.

    Your probably wondering why I'm telling all this, well, I'm just wondering what you guys would have done if you were in my position?

    I didn't wake up until he came into my room.
    I can tell you I was so scared.

    The idiot dropped a phone and his lighter on his bolt to escape from my defensive mum, lol.

    Even though we hear about stuff like this happen, you never actually think it's going to happen to you.

    Was so scarred to go to bed tonight I set a trip wire, wedged the door with numerous things, weighed the latches down with the heavy duty hammers, covered the floor near the entries with plastic bags, and much more.

    Did I mention he shined his torch inside the fish tank o_O

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  2. ploopyValued MemberMember

    Glad you are ok,what the burglar took can be replaceable your life cant.Hopefully the cops catch the person.But what you did was the smartest thing to do if you had no weapon .I have protection close by so he would have never made it out of the house.

  3. TigerlilyWell Known MemberMember

    Scary! I'm so glad you and your mother weren't physically harmed.

  4. Codyandme1Valued MemberMember

    Yeah, well I now am armed with a full bottle of harsh oven cleaner and a knife ;) so I feel a little safer now.
  5. TigerlilyWell Known MemberMember

    A fire extinguisher makes a good defensive tool as well.
  6. Codyandme1Valued MemberMember

    Haha I would imagine it would, would be good if we had one :)
  7. soltarianknightFishlore VIPMember

    I found that a hand gun generally does the trick. And the best part, you can actually use it in said situation. I have my permit, i recommend it. Doesn't mean you need to keep a loaded gun by you bedside(and i dont, thats moms job), or even have any ammo in the house anywhere, an empty gun is just as convincing as a loaded one.
  8. Codyandme1Valued MemberMember

    Yeah, mum likes her ornaments so there's plenty I can pick up and throw if needed to.
  9. ReefdwellerValued MemberMember

    Personally I would have went in there and took him to the ground. One thing I can not stand is someone who steals from others. Keep in mind I am a former deputy sheriff and I have fought many many drunks, drug heads, thieves, you name it. I am a big believer in Security Systems. There are too many unprotected homes that do not have security systems so very few crooks will mess with a home that has a security system. I have my permit as well and dont think I would hesitate to use a gun on anyone who enters my property uninvited.

    I am glad you and your family are okay. I am sure you were terrified and for good reason. It is truly a violation of privacy when someone walks in your house and goes through you personal belongings. Dead bolt all the doors and be ready if and when there is ever a next time.
  10. eltoroValued MemberMember

    I would have done the same as Reefdweller depending on the size of the burglar. I would not be messing with a brolic burglar....
  11. LupinusValued MemberMember

    Glad you're OK.

    As to what I'd have done? Someone breaks into my house their options quickly come down to get on the ground, run like heck, or get shot until you no longer present a threat.
  12. Lexi03Well Known MemberMember

    My grandmother has a shoe horn that looks like a old gun. A few months back a guy entered her inclosed deck and banged on her back door at 2 am, drunk and looking for someone, when my grandma told him that person wasn't there,he was at the wrong house, he wouldn't leave, he kept banging on the door, so grandma pulled the shoe horn on him and called the police. When they found the guy, he told them "that crazy lady pulled a gun on me". The officers got quite a chuckle when they decovered it was a shoe horn.
  13. Glad everyone is ok !!!
  14. catsma_97504Fishlore LegendMember

    As you are still living at home I assume you are a teenager or young adult. While it is very scary to wake up to a stranger in your home, you did the right thing. Unless you are trained in law enforcement and how to deal with these individuals it rarely ends good attempting to confront them.
  15. kinezumi89Fishlore VIPMember

    Not to disagree with everyone saying they would use a gun, but that would lead to a terribly sticky situation. Either A) you miss, he gets mad and also happens to have a gun, and opens fire on you, or B) you kill him and then have to deal with "self defense" arguments. I think it's different if someone comes in your home, but either way, I wouldn't want to deal with either situation.

    I was actually talking to my father about this awhile ago, I said something along the lines of "well, you could just shoot him in the knee, scare him off and then don't have to deal with possible repercussions for having killed him," to which my father replied "if you're going to shoot, always shoot to kill." You'll have to deal with possible repercussions, but it beats the alternative of possibly having a gun aimed at you. Of course, I have no education in law or anything, so don't take it from me!

    Personally, I would do what you did. I'd probably just hide and hope he didn't notice me and would leave. Then again, my boyfriend wouldn't take kindly to someone pillaging our apartment, and he would surely do something about it. He has his FOID card, but Chicago has weird laws about concealed carry and such, so we don't have any firearms in the house. A fire extinguisher always works though :)

    I've always thought that you should just keep a chainsaw under your bed....you probably wouldn't have to use it, because I think any burglar would get the heck out of dodge as soon as he heard a chainsaw coming from the bedroom ;D
  16. LupinusValued MemberMember

    As to defending yourself, that can indeed vary depending on locality so it's something to consider. Always have at least a basic understanding of your local laws regarding such things IMO. Also IMO, someone invades your home and the occupant has the moral high ground to defend themselves regardless of the law. But again, that's just my opinion and some localities would beg to differ.

    As to shoot him in the knee and such, that's a whole other issue. Suffice to say if you're going to shoot you shoot at the area with the most surface area to hit and is the most effective at stopping a threat. If you have time to aim at a small part of the body and fear no retaliation while they are laying on the floor bleeding....you probably didn't have a good reason/need to shoot someone.
  17. Akari_32Fishlore LegendMember

    We live in an increasingly bad neighborhood. Used to nice, but the market on the house prices nose-dived, and now, they are sky high, so the people who live around us are all druggies and stuff (basically, our street is the best place to be!). Every one knows we keep our back doors unlocked most of the time. The catch? 300 pounds of dogs that will tear you to shred if you even *try* to touch the fence, and a crazy lady (my mom LOL) with a carry permit, a gun, and tazer. Anyone to manages to even make it in the back yard, still has to get past my mom. I think I'd rather face my mom over my 130 pound Rott mix though :;nin2

    You were right, Cody, to not move. Who knows what kind of psycho he could have been (putting it that way doesn't make it sound better, does it? :p) o.o'
  18. pirahnah3Fishlore VIPMember

    Personally I say defend you home when required, however some of the best generals in the military know that there are times that retreating to a safer location is a much better alternative. It is never an act of cowardness to go to a safe location away from what could be a heavily armed intruder. You never know how people will react to different situations and personally I would rather not find out when I'm in a corner.

    Im glad to hear that you and the family are all right and that anything taken can be replaced.

    You only get one chance to go around this world don't waste it on trying to be a hero in the wrong situation.
  19. Wendy LubianetskyWell Known MemberMember

    I had a similiar situation at my home. I don't need a knife, a gun or any other weapon. Someone broke my front window to reach in an undo the latch. All I found was a puddle of blood and a hunk of skin. One of my dogs, the Great Dane, the Box, or the Pit Bull (I doubt is was one of my little dogs) bit the arm to shreds before he could even get in the house. The police took a DNA sample of the blood and did a report. They found the poor guy at the hospital with multiple bite wounds to his arm and shoulder. The guy reached into the wrong house!!
  20. ray_sjValued MemberMember

    Glad to hear no one was harmed! Things can always be replaced.

    Burglars are opportunists, so it helps a lot to make your place as difficult and troublesome to burglarize as possible. Then they will move on and avoid you. Simple things such as making sure all windows and doors are properly workiing and always locked, planting thorny plants around your house, installing outdoor motion lights, and putting interior lights on timers all help deter burglars. Installing a burglar alarm is even better. It can alert you that someone is in your home and give you precious seconds or minutes to get to a safe place or defend yourself.

    If someone is inside your house, by all means, defend yourself. But it's much less dangerous (and expensive..) if you prevent them from coming inside in the first place.

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