well now ive done it.. Question

  1. jarrod Member Member

    hey, well i took the plunge and baught a 33gal kit..

    got me some black sand, and washed it..

    well guess i didnt wash it good enough, so now the water is dirty..

    how do i fix this mistake? do i just let it settle and let the filter tanke car of it, or do i try and change the water out??

  2. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    Congrats on the new tank!
    I've never dealt with sand but I imagine either would work.
    Others have had this happen so I'm sure they'll chime in.
  3. jarrod Member Member

    thanks.. well i just emptied the tank(best i can..lol) and carried it over to the sink where i scooped out the sand and tried to wash it again in the bucket.. so well se how much that helps..lol

    "..weird, it didnt look this big in the store?.."
    :;smack :;laughing

    edit.. looks better already..i can actually see the sand...lol
  4. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    They always look smaller in he stores. lol
    :) Glad it's looking better! Be sure to post some pictures when you're up and running.
  5. jarrod Member Member

    well heres what i had in mind.. yes. no. bad idea??

    2 dg's(m/f) -already have them
    2 keyholes or cockatoo chiclids
    2 bolivian rams
    4 black skirt tetras -(already have them)
    5 guppys -(already have 2 males)
    3 ottos -(already got 1)
    5 neons -(already got 3)

    anything i should combine.. or do you have a better list..

    i would like a rts and a couple khulies.. but dont know what to pair up with them..
  6. MaddieLynn Well Known Member Member

    I'd suggest 1 more otto and at least 1 more neon. Also the RTS will probably kill the kuhlis. You can't have an RTS with another bottom feeder, at least not in a tank your size.
  7. abc123d30 Well Known Member Member

    Sounds like a cool tank :D. I personaly like keyhole cichlids better so if it were me I would go with them, but either way it would be a nice set up.
    I agree with maddie that the rts would be too aggressive so maybe just stick with the khulies.
  8. jarrod Member Member

    man this sand is a pain.

    no matter what i do, the water is cloudy..

    should it be this hard??

    with the light on i can see thru the tank(front to back) but its like lookin thru a dense fog..
    (i just emptied and tried to clean the sand again, and i just refilled it.
  9. agabr123 Fishlore VIP Member

    what kind of sand did you get? play sand will probably ALWAYS be a pain, i've had it in a tank before and it's just a mess. i'd recommend pool filter sand, it's heavier and the grains are larger and i doubt it will give you as many problems.

    regardless of the type, any sand will have to settle for at least a little while, especially when you first pour it in. how long has it been cloudy?
  10. jarrod Member Member

    the first time i left it for about 24hr and it was still cloudy, so i emptied it and tried to reclean it again, now since ive refilled it, its been about 3 hr's and its still cloudy..

    gunna try leavin the filter on over night and see if itlle clean it up a bit..but i am noticein the water fow from the filter is hitting the bottom and suring up the sand..

    darn..i dont like where this is goin..

    btw i got the seachem flourite black sand..althou some of it seems way to fine to be sand..

    heres a pic of it now, 3.5 hr after the second attemp..

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  11. agabr123 Fishlore VIP Member

    if you have any, i'd put some rocks over top of where the flow from the filter is moving the sand to keep it from getting kicked up. also, you'll want to try to make sure that sand doesn't get clogged in the filter as well so let it settle for a little while before you turn it on.
  12. Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    Hello Jarrod.

    I would also like to suggest that you add a filter sponge to your intake tube. An Aqua Clear sponge would work great. Just slice an X in the top of it and slide it over the tube. This will help to keep sand from reaching your impeller inside the filter and causing more problems. Too, you can treat this sponge just like you do your other filter media by rinsing it in siphoned tank water and not tap water. It will house good bacteria as well.

    Best of luck and keep us posted.
  13. jarrod Member Member

    i dont see any debris floatin, just cloudy..

    and every time i disturb it it sturs up more..i thaught i read around somewhere here that this brand/type was pretty decent.??
  14. Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    Jarrod even though you don't see any particles floating around, even the smallest sand particle can play havoc with your filters' impeller. I would at least consider adding some filter floss or something to your intake tube as a precaution.
    I hope it all settles for you soon :)
  15. jarrod Member Member

    well i just turned the filter off so ill let it be over night and post up the difference..
  16. MaddieLynn Well Known Member Member

    I would not take it out and wash it again. You might not be giving it enough time to settle before you disturb it again.
  17. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    I've got sand in almost every tank, and have never had a problem with coudiness after. This is because I wash it till my hands bleed. Not really, but I wash the sand for an hour before putting it into the tank. Also, when I refill the tank I put an upside down dinner plate in the corner and direct the water flow to the plate. This prevents the significant force of the incoming water from stirring the sand up.

    If you have Tahitian moon sand and only washed it for like 10 minutes, I would DEFINITELY take it out and wash it for another 50. TMS is one of the dirtiest sands I've used, but it's soooooooo beautiful :)
  18. jarrod Member Member

    24hr later..

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  19. MaddieLynn Well Known Member Member

    It's looking pretty good! Just give it some more time and it will get even clearer.
  20. jarrod Member Member

    well i think its in thehole stretch.. gettin clearer every day..

    so whats the best way to quick cycle this tank?? i currently have a cycled 10g running right next to it..