Welcome to the RAOK (Random Act Of Kindness Contest) Forum

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Welcome to the RAOK (Random Act Of Kindness Contest)

This where Members can hold contests for other Members to win something fish related.

Participants may or may not be asked to pay shipping costs.
This will be determined by the Member running the contest.

The Member holding the contest determines what is required to win the item or items offered and the deadline.

A RAOK contest might include an essay, a guessing game, pictures....you get the idea.
It's up to the Member starting the ROAK.

Please keep in mind and apply.

To the members holding the contest, to avoid any misunderstanding, please include the 50 post rule in your initial thread.

Thank you and have fun!


RAOK Reminder Guidelines!

Good afternoon,

Reminder, if you do not post some type of contest with your RAOK (Random Act Of Kindness) deal, then it will be moved to the Buy/Sell/Trade/Free section of the forum.

Please refresh yourselves with the RAOK Guidelines in the link below:



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