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First tank was at 15. Had four tanks in the last 20 years. I don't have a green thumb for keeping fish alive. I have changed to cold water feeder fish due to this.

My favorite fish are the swords, red tail shark and Plecos.

My current set up is 65 gallon with 9 feeders that been in tank year and half. Got 12 of them at once 3 sadly didn't make it. Three months added Plecos about 2 inches, worries about him. He is great, cleaned my tank within a week. Added 3 groupies from a friend's overpopulated tank (they won't stop breading) a month ago.

Ph 7.6, temp 68 to 72f, no traces of NH3/NH4+ or NO2, 40 PPM of NO3.

My main purpose her is the Plecos concern.


Welcome to Fishlore! Nice size tank.
You say you have a hard time keeping fish alive? Best advice is water change water change water change. Almost all fish health issues stem from poor water quality and/or tank maintenance. Every issue I have had, and most that I have read about on here has been down to that.

What's the concern with the Pleco? I'm pretty sure Redshark1 has Pleco's, and might be able to offer advice. Have also seen scarface and DoubleDutch weigh in on pleco threads (these two are very good to follow for a good all round, sound knowledge anyway)
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I think my biggest issue with tropical tanks were capability. It seems like it was always who every was the toughest picked on the weak. Leaving last fish standing.

I have had success with the cold water/gold fish so I will stick to that. I do weekly water changes and with the gold fish notice much waste.

I did the best with a cichlid tank. Even though they picked on the weaker. I had them for a couple of years till moving and the tank shattered. I spent a lot of money on those fish and this time around decide to go with feeders for the cycling process. I grew to like them and will stick with them. Even excited to build a pond for them if they get big enough.

I posted another thread about Plecos here Plecos Fin Color


It looks like you already had advice off DoubleDutch on your other thread.

A pond sounds fun! Please share the experience if you do!

I am currently looking at aquaponics gardening and food fish set-ups. First I aI'm to keep my ornamental fish healthy without meds for one year before attempting to grow my own food, though. The point is to be very healthy.

Sorry, we were talking about you. Lol. I do wish you all the best with this tank.
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