Weird Thing In Angelfish's Nose/nostril/idk What It Is.

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    Okay. So I was on vacation for a week and left my tank in a healthy manner and did a water change before I left. I came home today and I notice my Angelfish has a strange white puff coming out of its nose (I don't think it has a nose, but there are 2 small holes that are like nostrils.) I would post a picture of it, but my camera isn't working. I don't know if it is a disease or something. Please lmk what it is. If my camera starts to cooperate with me, I will post a picture of the fish ASAP.
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    My phone camera finally worked

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    I just read this now and I tested my waters. My pH is at 7.0, my ammonia levels are 0 ppm and my nitrite levels are 0 ppm. I did notice my Nitrate levels were VERY high so I did a water change and added some nitrate detoxification primer. I will wait a little bit to test the water again.
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    Ok, i tested my nitrate a little while ago and it went from 80 to 20. But, the white spot on my angelfish has disappeared and it is like a scab is forming. What should I do now?