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So I have this wall mounted tank that has been empty for the past year, and yesterday I filled it up with water and checked if the filter still worked (which it did. So now I’m thinking of putting some fish in there but I am restricted because of how narrow it is, so I don’t know what scape I should do and what fish to put in it, any ideas on this?

Here’s the tank atm. I will be taking out all the decor:

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Tank size and dimensions?
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I absolutely love aqua scaping. It’s so fun. I just have a few questions:
1. How big is the tank?
2. What equipment does it have?
3. Do you have a fish you reallly want in it?
4. Do you want to use the current gravel?
5. Do you care if the plant suggestions are live/fake
6. Is there a certain place you’d like to model your tank after?
7. Are there any fish you are opposed to keeping?
8. Do you know if there is an aggression level you want to keep?
9. Are there any feeding issues you may have ex. I only want to feed one food etc.
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1. About 54L or 15 gallons, 90cm long x 60cm high x 10cm from to back

2. It’s got a 50w heater, a low tech light, and the filter is an unknown branded canister that is about the size of a sunsun 304

3. I would want some shrimp in it, and either some sort of small schooling fish (not shoaling)

4.I will most likely put some black sand that I have lying around

5. I would rather have some live plants that are low tech (was looking into dwarf sag but I can’t find any around my area or on eBay)

6. No not really, but I will probably put a few rocks and thin pieces of driftwood

7/8. I wouldn’t want large fish that would pick on the shrimp (I know a few of the shrimplets would get eaten)

9. No I have a wide variety of foods available

And last I don’t really want it to have too much maintenance because it is hard to do so with it being mounted on the wall.
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Is reaaaalllyy narrow so a small school along with some shrimp would be perfect I guess
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I’d agree with you there. For the small tank size I’d recommend a small school of harlequin razboras. For the clean up crew, I’d either do ghost or cherry shrimp, I’d also add a nertile snail. The snail keeps my 30 gallon community spotless. If I do say so myself, one of the smartest investments I could have made. Please show pics when it’s all done.
You may need to add bottom feeder pellets for the clean up crew to eat.
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Thanks for your input
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You could do a pretty decent nano fish school probably. Maybe something like chilI rasboras or dwarf emerald rasboras. They're a lot more colorful than your standard harlequin, even though they're pretty too.
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So I took it apart and washed the whole thing clean. I also cleaned out the filter and oh my there was literally dirt in there...

I then added some rocks and put it all together. Just waiting on any ideas for the plant side of things.
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Wow what an unusual tank, 10cm is very narrow indeed, but loads of horizontal swimming space!

I enjoy my ember tetras. With good lighting they really catch the eye especially when they decide to all go for a zoom about together, it's one of my favourite things. You could probably get a nice big school of 20 in there, it would look fantastic
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For plants, I’m assuming you want live so here goes. Since your tank is slI'm and tall, I’d do some taller plants like anubias nana. I’d also try some amazon swords. For the shrimp, I’d get some Marino moss balls. If you wanted medium heightens plants. I strongly reccomend java fern.
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Hmm,... I’d suggest getting some taller pieces of hard scape in there, like driftwood. Manzanita driftwood sells little stick packages that I think would look good in this tank. You could have them spread out, but leave a bit of room in the middle. For plants, I’d suggest going with easier low lights. I think growing several dwarf Lillie’s on the far sides of the tank and a tiger lotus in the middle would look great. if you provide them with root tabs or dirt then they should really take off. For the inner sides I’d go with primarily Anubis, buces, and ferns. Perhaps a few crypts as well, but not to many as the root system of the Lillie’s and lotus will go pretty crazy. But if you get the tall sticks or wood then you can also attach these to them and have them higher up.
Are you asking for stocking ideas as well?
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I would not do dwarf lily or tiger lotus in this tank, it is too small for those (I have had both and they can get massive). I would do something like saggetaria or itallian vals (skinny grass like plants that can handle lower light settings), a couple nana or nana petite anubias (bush like plants) or maybe a smaller species of crypt for a bushy plant (you can try subwassertang which the egg laying rasbora would like and shrimp love it, it naturally balls up as long as it isn't getting pushed or pulled around the tank).
I would go with chilI rasbora, they stay small, are fairly flashy, and should get along with shrimp.

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