Weird Question On A Tank.

  1. fransj

    fransj Valued Member Member

    Hi all, I'm trying to get back into the hobby but this time with a twist... I want to convert some old plastic tubs from Target into an aquaponics system, pitting some goldfish on the large 20+ gallon and the garden in some smaller 6 gallon long tubs, want to do some urban farming, lol. Any ideas?
  2. Cazeil

    Cazeil Valued Member Member

    So the 6 gallon tubs will be inside the 20+ garden?
  3. OP

    fransj Valued Member Member

    The 6 gal will be above the 20 gal, draining into it, I'm going to use a small 2 gallon bucket as a sump to pick up solids and then pump the res to tthe growbeds