Weird Bug Mixed In With Bloodworms

  1. Fredbetta86 Well Known Member Member

    Hey guys & gals,

    I was feeding my frozen Hikari brand blood worms today and noticed mixed in the cube when I thawed it out there was a different looking type of something in there with the bloodworms. It was pale in color, a thicker body than a blood worm and a little fatter. It almost looked like a bristle worm. What the heck is it? I should of took a pic but I was stupid and just put it down the drain.
  2. ChiefBrody Member Member

    Probably mosquito larvae. I culture both of them in my backyard. Awesome free food. You usually get them both

  3. Fredbetta86 Well Known Member Member

    Oh ok interesting. I was looking up the growing process of bloodworms which turn into midge and the second growth stage is called a Pupa and it looked a lot like that. Maybe that's what it was haha not sure but just really interesting to me.
  4. Fredbetta86 Well Known Member Member

    Actually no your right it looked more like mosquito Larvae..

  5. ChiefBrody Member Member

    They're both midge flies actually. I'm sure the hikari doesn't intentionally mix species but I know when I do it in my yard I always get both together and a third I haven't yet identified. It looks like a microscopic nautilus and darts around like a shrimp. Whatever it is they love it 112007d605810b0b63a68c1e68743f80.jpg ec9834742f410fdd8fa0ae555d3dfb79.jpg
  6. Fredbetta86 Well Known Member Member

    Thanks so much for the info! What kind of fish do you have? They look awesome!
  7. ChiefBrody Member Member

    Bluefin roloffi
    Apistogramma caucatoides

    Both males

  8. Fredbetta86 Well Known Member Member

    Is the apistogramma the one in the second pic? Is it fresh or marine?
  9. ChiefBrody Member Member

    Yes. Commonly known as the "cockatoo cichlid". Planted soft water/Amazon Blackwater. He's quite a specimen. There's 2 females that would agree thet breed constantly but one female is dominant and steals all the fry when they hatch. Sub dominant female is being used like a surrogate! It's so weird to watch them interact... I don't know what is going on in there. The dominant is the prettier if the two but the sub has all the talent. It's a Beyonce and Kelly Rowland situation if you will... which I guess makes him Jay-Z
  10. Fredbetta86 Well Known Member Member

    That's so cool! Love the analogy! Haha