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Discussion in 'Cleaning and Maintenance' started by striker, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. strikerValued MemberMember

    I purchased Weco instant DeChlor water conditioner today at my lps. Has anybody used it in their aquariums. Their seems to be very little info on this chlorine remover. I'm going to test it tomorrow in the night but I want to make sure if it is good. Also if I accidentally add one more drop than it says will it harm my fish.

    It says to add 2 drops per gallon but what if I only change half a gallon so does that mean I only put 1 drop to the half gallon tap water?
  2. AquaristFishlore LegendMember

    Hello Stiker,

    I've never used or heard of Weco Dechlor. If it's like the other products to remove chlorine, an extra drop or two isn't going to harm your tank or fish.

    If you remove 1 gallon and replace 1 gallon then I suggest treating the water before you add it to your tank and only treat for 1 gallon.

    If you add the 1 gallon directly from your tap, into the tank then I suggest that you treat enough for the entire tank.

    Personally I would treat the water before it goes into your tank for that small amount. Others us a device called a Python (you may be aware of it) for larger water changes and they add the water directly from the tap and use the chlorine remover (enough for the entire tank) at the same time.

    Be sure to match the new water temperature and pH as closely as you can to the water in the tank. This will help to prevent ICH and other diseases and pH shock.

  3. strikerValued MemberMember

    Okay I will try to put the treated tap water at the same temp as the water in the tank. My tank only holds ten gallons.
    Also it says it removes chloramine which I know my tap water has and it says to add 2 drops per gallon.
    for chlorine it says to add 1 drop per gallon.
    I was wondering if the chlorine and chloramine while neutralizing it will create ammonia?
    I'm going to test this product right now.

    Here is a picture of the item:
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  4. strikerValued MemberMember

    I think i overdid it. I was going to add the dechlor into a 1 gallon bucket and i squeezed it accidentally and a lot (like 10 drops equivalent) of dechlor liquid went into the water. Then I started to smell the chlorine evaporating and I got dizzy ( I'm still kind of dizzy).
    You think it was too much? I put the water in my 10 gallon already. The fish seem fine but I'm not lol.

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