Weak/malnourished Goldfish?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Jim2195, Apr 21, 2019.

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    hi, about two weeks ago Petco had a lot of mosquitofish in their feeders goldfish tank so i asked for some, and i got this goldfish mixed in with them. However he isn't doing too good, and he is really weak. He does eat but just sits at the tank surface mostly. I'm afraid that he will die soon, i don't want him to die because he's still a baby fish...
    i don't know how to make him better. He is currently in a ten gallon tank. He used to be in an outdoor 52 gallon, but the water there clouds with algae fast and the filter current seems to be too strong for him. I plan on releasing him in my koi pond if he gets better. Please help!
    this is a video on him:

    please comment on the video or on here of what i can do to help. Chances are, ill be on YouTube more often then here so if you have a thought, please comment there.
    here's a picture of the fish: WP_20190420_16_44_26_Rich.jpg.jpg
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    Alright, thank you. I'm only a 14 year old kid but I'll try my best.
    I just fixed a leak in another 10 gallon tank today, so ill probably move him there tomorrow for quarantine.

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    Oof, sorry OP, he doesn't look like he will make it. Either very very severe internal parasitic infection, or possibly fish TB, which would be worse. At this point, the kindest thing would be euthanization, sorry :(

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    thank you for answering. I appreciate it.
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    I agree

    Looking back at it now, :(
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    Yeah man, I'm sorry. It really sucks, fingers crossed it's bad parasites and not TB (parasites are significantly more likely, I just wanted to let you know that TB is a slim chance, but possible)
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    Check for fin rot before it reaches the spine
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    They are no signs of fin rot on this fish, fin rot does not affect the spine, and there are only four things that will
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    i don't see finrot. at first i though its spine was crooked, but its just his belly is so sunken in. there are meds for internal parasites. but he may not be able to handle the treatment.

    feed him small meals, multiple times per day. if he survives and gets a bit bigger and stronger, then you can try medicating.
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    around 4:20 pm, 4/21/19 :
    Hello everybody. Unfortunately this fish didn't make it. I thought he would because he ate a lot last night. However considering that this fish was a random fish scooped from the feeder tank i was not expecting for him to survive, as most of the feeder fish i had didn't live past a year.
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    I have this guilty feeling that i didn't do enough to save him, and that i should've done more. But with all this homework and other things i need to do, i just couldn't devote enough time to him.
    well anyways here's my YouTube channel cuz I made a tribute video on him.
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    There's nothing else you could have done, by the time the stomach is that sunken, actually a bit before that, it's way too late, sorry man
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    sorry to hear that. atleast it had a good life in your care.