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Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by AtlasApollo98, Jun 25, 2019.

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    That’s what I’ve read, but I’ve heard such mixed reviews I’ve just been doing half the dose in order to help them heal. I certainly haven’t been trying to hurt them but I think I may need to lay off the meds.

    I’ve tried daily water changes and most things I could get my hands on but with it being so close to getting to his actual body I resorted to the meds in order to hopefully stop it.

    I’m sorry to hear about your goldfish, it’s heartbreaking and believe me, that’s a feeling I’ve felt before. My mom put some medicine in with my first betta and he seized and passed within a few hours in the quarantine tank. Overmedicating is what I was worried about with the jungle medication. Today they got a 30% water change and I put the carbon back in the filter. I may give them a break from the meds for now. I do feed pellets and soak them prior to feeding any of my boys.

    I’ll up the water changes and my filter is baffled but I think it still may be too strong even on the lowest setting and with the baffle. I may have to move him to quarantine. My only issue there is I’m currently quarantining a new betta who has been in that tank for about 2 weeks now and is due to come out of quarantine but his new home hasn’t finished cycling yet. Plus that filter can be a bit strong as well. I’ll see if I can’t baffle it better when I get home. Thank you everyone for your advice.
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    Illness is definitely frustrating, and especially so when you've informed yourself and are doing your very best... which I can see is the case here.

    Just to put it more plainly, in my research into VitaChem, I saw several reports from fishkeepers saying that they thank this product for finally stopping fin rot AND quickening the fin healing process. So, in my fear of such an occurrence, I used it from day 1. When Sam (my old betta) came home and went into his forever home, his tail got a couple of tears in it... not rot, and there was nothing that should have torn his tail in the tank. I think it happened due to the stress of a move but regardless of what caused it, I was so very worried things would get worse. Thankfully, they didn't, and those tears healed up in just a couple of months. I can only thank proper water quality, the diet, and the vitamins for that so... I too became a believer in VitaChem and now use it with the guppies that currently occupy what I will always think of as Sam's tank. Sam was my only betta ever, his loss despite the best care I could give him was gutwrenching, and though I think I offered stellar care... this is only one experience, so I won't claim to know what's best. Anyhow, the experience made me a real fan of fish vitamins and I even started using a different product (Selcon) to offer vitamins to my salty fish. This is just one person's experience but I can tell you care deeply for your fish and are trying your very hardest to do what's best. I was/am the same and vitamins are part of my own protocol.;)

    Good luck! One way or another, these boys are living their best life because they are with you!
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    Thank you so much, I will be purchasing some vitachem as soon as I am able. Today I did a 50% water change just because there was still a lot of green coloring in the water from the jungle fungus clear but I am probably going to be keeping up with that for a while in hopes that the water changes each day and a good diet with a completely baffled filter will help my boy get better. I also read that increasing the temp could help but I didn’t want to increase too much since it constantly sits at 79 degrees Fahrenheit so we just went up 1 notch to 81 or 82. If they start to get stressed I’ll take it back down though.