WE HAVE BABIES :) now what?? HELP Blue Acara.s are they preparing?

Discussion in 'Breeding Fish' started by elvis, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. elvis

    elvisNew MemberMember

    ok, heres the deal, the blues acaras have had a load of babies,theres around 30 little one swimming around.. they seem to be all gathered in a small clay pot that the acaras have made there home..

    what now.? do leave them there for a while? or try to scope them out, i have no idea, please help..

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  2. Toddnbecka

    ToddnbeckaValued MemberMember

    You can leave them where they are for now, the parents likely need the practice caring for their brood. Since they've started spawning they will most likely continue to do so at least several more times before taking a break. Cichlids often eat the fry when they start preparing to spawn again, usually a few days after the fry are free-swimming. If you want to save/raise fry it's best to move them (or the parents) a day or two after they're free-swimming. A divider may be helpful, or a separate tank for the fry.
  3. OP

    elvisNew MemberMember

    they are in a community tank, a few have left there home, but the mum is quickly putting them in her mouth and putting back in there house.. my only concern is once they leave there gonna be hard to catch because there in a community tank (could get eatn) and 2, the tank is big there going to be hard to catch !!

    i guess it all about timing??
    And how often will they breed a year , you think?....

  4. Toddnbecka

    ToddnbeckaValued MemberMember

    SA/CA cichlids usually breed about every 4-6 weeks once they start. Acara's aren't bad fish for breeding in a community tank, at least for the sake of the other fish. The fry will certainly be picked off once they leave the shelter of the clay pot and wander around on their own.

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