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    Officer_Swift New Member Member

    I would like to share with you guys a project I did with my Royal Rangers group at Church.

    I wanted a cool kite project for my Royal Rangers to get involved with and I found a cool write up about a Chinese Dragon Caterpillar Kite Design. So I researched a few different builds and figured out the best way for our group to build the kite. I did a full write up on instructables.com on how we built this kite. Here is the link. How-To-Build-a-Chinese-Dragon-Caterpiller-Kite. The video that is attached to the instructable is actually really short and I wanted to make it longer but my phone died and I could not get a better one. This kite is awesome when it flies in the air. We had it flying really good after 3 attempts.

    I hope this is in the right spot.
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    Teishokue Well Known Member Member

    Link doesn't work
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    okay I will fix it.