WCMM suddenly missing tail

I had four WCMM in a 130L established tank and bought another just over a week ago.

The new one is suddenly missing half its tail. It is housed with albino cherry barb, cardinal tetra, platy, loaches and two algae eaters (never eaten any fish before as far as I know), don’t look like Chinese algae eater to me.

There is an external fluval 305 pump. Only smooth wood and plants no plastic plants and substrate is very rounded pebbles.

I don’t have a spare tank to quarantine her in at present, does anyone have any ideas?

Thank you very much!

In picture two you can see an algae eater in the background. In the last picture is the algae eaters.
Don't know who the culprit is, but that looks like nipping. If it were infected, you'd see black or white at the fin edges and it wouldn't attack just half the tail, it would gradually and uniformly be chewed away.

Since it still looks good (no infection) I would make sure the water stays in good condition with lots of water changes. I usually start with daily or every other day water changes. If you have capatta leaves, you can add them to the tank or filter. They are said to leach antibacterial and antifungal compounds into the water.

Also watch the fish and see if it's being nipped at and who is doing the nipping. Idk about minnows, but a lone newbie cichlid will take such a beating that I won't add just one. I'm sure it's not that way with tetras, but they may still check out and test the newbie. Regardless, fresh clean water will have the most benefit here.
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