WCMM Sexing Help?


After a lot of research to make sure that my tank would be as peaceful as possible, I feel like I've had bad luck again. I decided to go with buying white cloud minnows because of how unique it is compared to other small fish my lfs keeps. The seven I got were all right yesterday, schooling and all, but today it's like a spark was lit with them and all they do is chase each other in my 20 gal. I believe this to be breeding behavior, but I'm not quite sure that there are even females in the tank that they could breed with. Some help with sexing these would be greatly appreciated. On another note, I think I received a fish with an eye missing. It's been eating and swimming around fine (although separate from the schooling group). Should I get some females eventually to even things out? I don't want a stressful environment for these fish.

Edit: Looking further on the fish, there are a few nipped fins.

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