Ways to split the tank ?

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    Hey this is my 10g with my betta and I was wondering if you would think it will look nice with just him or out a divider in and have 2 ? I would love to have a second one but some of the dividers kind of make the take look really fake, do youse have any ideas for a divider that looks kind of nice ?
    What I have been thinking so far is a divider with some of that sewing stuff with the squares in it and attaching some moss to it and when it grows out hopefully it covers the whole thing and that would hopefully look nice, let me know what you guys think :)
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    I think that'd be very nice but would require the use of two filters imo. I don't think the mosswall would allow sufficient water exchange to the side w/o a filter. So maybe 2 smaller filters like whispers would be a good route.

    I've always wanted to do a divided betta tank and have it like yin and yang, white sand on one side with light betta and decor and black sand, darker betta and decor on the other.
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    Thanks a lot for your help guys :) I will be doing it this weekend with the mesh and I will keep you posted on how it goes :) !

    Can't wait to pick up a new betta, they just got some new ones in and there massive I'm pretty sure there the king betas if that's what you call them
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    Had a split tank for a long time. At my LFS they sold me a specific tank divider which was opaque plastic with many many small holes slightly larger than a pinprick, and two black plastic edges to fit onto the sides of the aquarium with a slot to slide in the mesh. It worked great, grew a coating of algae at one point and looked really nice. Should scrub it now and then though to keep the holes from blocking. I placed the HOB filter right between the mesh, intake on one side and outlet on the other. The breeding pairs of angels on each side were happy with it for several years.

    Hope this helps! :) Good luck.
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    Just searched half of Australia for that sewing stuff and nowhere had any of it !!! So I ended up going to bunnings a hardware store in Australia if youse don't have it where you are, and I bought a meter or clear PVC sheeting for 30 dollars a bit expensive but it was all I could find other then fly screen, it is fairly stiff which is good :) gonna cut it and drill holes in it for some water flow but it should be good :)

    Just called my LFS before they shut and told them to put there last king betta on hold for me ! Going to pick it up tomorrow I'm so excited !!!!!!
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    Just put the new divider in and my new boy, he is massive !! Not sure what to call him yet !