Wavemaker For 90 Gallon Cichlid Tank? Question

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    Sorry if this is not the proper, I could not find anything more appropriate.

    I am currently running a SUNSUN JVP-110 wavemaker 2,500 LPH (~538 GPH) on my 90 gallon tank and I think the flow is too slow for the size of aquarium I have. There are two reasons I want a wave maker. #1. To have water current in the aquarium for the fish to enjoy #2. To move the particulates to the inlet of the two canister filters (inlets on right and left sides).

    I am limited to buying SUNSUN or something else off of Aliexpress only since we do not have US/EU branded equipment available. I would love to hear your suggestions on what will work for my 90 gallon.

    The fishes I have:
    1. 1x Tinfoil Barb (I know, I can't keep it. My son wanted it a year back and I didn't knew any better. Will be donating it soon.).
    2. 11x Tiger Barbs (keeping for a friend)
    3. 4x Clown Loaches
    4. 34x assorted Mbuna Cichlids.
    With SUNSUN, here are the options I have:
    1. 3,000 LPH (~790 GPH)
    2. 5,000 LPH (~1,300 GPH) (Options of choosing between 1 pump or 2 pump model)
    3. 6,000 LPH (~1,580 GPH) (2 pumps)
    4. 12,000 LPH (~3,170 GPH) (2 pumps)
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    @nikm128 The tiger barbs are from a friend whose tank cracked and will go back to him in a week or so. Already can see that Tigerbarbs aren't happy about the arrangement, they keep to one side of the tank. Though their sleeping behavior is intriguing, where the sleep face down and float mid water.

    Can a wavemaker be considered a filter? It isn't only moving water.

    This is what I have for filtration:
    1. 1x SUNSUN HW304B (528G/2000L / h) canister. Intake on right and output on left.
      1. Bottom Tray: 2x sponge + 1x white filter
      2. 2nd to Bottom: EHEIM Substrat Pro 1L
      3. 3rd to Bottom: Generic Bio media 1.5L
      4. Top Tray: Generic Bio media 1.5L
    2. 1x SUNSUN HW304A (528G/2000L / h) canister. Intake on left and output on right.
      1. Bottom Tray: 3x sponge
      2. 2nd to Bottom: 3x sponge
      3. 3rd to Bottom: 3x sponge
      4. Top Tray: 1x sponge + 1x white filter + 1x active carbon
    3. 1x SUNSUN HBL803 (132G / 500L / h) hang on back canister (keeping it seeded for emergency). Intake on right and output on right.
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    Oh I must've misunderstood. I thought those were the options you were considering for filtration.
    Are any of the wavemakers adjustable? I would just get the largest one that is so you can have more customization
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    Unfortunately, no there are not adjustable and the ones that are go way beyond my budget.
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    Ok, I feel like 3,170gph would be a little too much current, so I'd go with option 2 or 3
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    Hi and welcome!

    I think you have a good amount of filters (looking at the throughput). I have a 450l tank with two 1200 l/hr filters and third works fine for my heavily over stocked tank and water changes once every two weeks.

    I understand where you are comming from as I too had my doubts as to water flow, so this is what I did. I used an old water meter (used for measuring water consumption into the house) and connected it to the outlet of each of my filter. I measured the amount of water flowing for a period of two weeks and divided the number by 14days*24 hrs to get the flow rate.

    My present set up to get good flow is:

    Intakes on left of tank:
    1. via a prefilter sucking water from the bottom of the tank. I have to clean the prefilter every time I do a water change (every two weeks) as it gets clogged up with slime from the bottom of the tank.
    2. via a fresh water skimmer, which takes half the water from the surface and the other half from halfway down the tank. The skimmer helps keep the water surface clean to maximise o2 and CO2 exchange.

    Outputs of both filters are the far right of the tank both in the same place and both facing down at an angle of 30degrees. This gives a high current for the fish to play in, but also pushes the water in a specific direction to the other side of the tank.

    All in all from my 2*1200 L/h canister filters I have an effective flowrate of (450+550)l/h =1000l/h which is about 2x the tank size. Theoretically this is still slightly low as it is only 2.2 the tank size, but it works for my hugely overcrowded / overstocked tank.

    I hope this helps :)
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    Thank you for this!

    I was thinking in the same direction, that my inlet and outlets aren't setup correctly (one inlet on the left and outlet on the right and opposite for the second). I am going to change this, this weekend and will move the inlets to the right and outlets to the left, with the wavemaker also on the left side. This should give me a strong current towards the inlets.

    Question; should I place both the inlets close to each other or spread them apart, at the same time keeping both of them on the right?

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    Matter of preference really.
    I keep mine together as it creates a strong current at one spot in the tank for fish who like to play in the current for a while.....
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    If you do want another wave maker then Jebao makes excellent ones at reasonable prices. Look at the RW-series as this is the newest serie. I have a RW8 but it's blowing my discus away even in a 330 Gal / 1250 Liters tank so currently not installed.

    Here is a link: