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Discussion in 'Snails' started by Maddison, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. Maddison

    MaddisonNew MemberMember

    recently Ive had watersnails in my tank, the really small ones. and there isn't just a few, theres a few hundred! (slight exaggeration  :)) and Ive read somewhere that you can buy treatment to kill them off but this can cause stress with the fish. so Ive tried just removing them with my net everynow and then, but also they keep getting sucked in through my pump and getting caught in the little Brillo pad looking thing. could someone please tell me what to do??  :-\ :-[
  2. whatsafish7

    whatsafish7Valued MemberMember

    well you might want to kill the snails even if it stresses out the fish the snails can be stressing out the fish more rright now. Also next time you by a plant put them in a bleach bath. You have to use little bleach(mostly water) and dip your plant in for 15-30 seconds. you have to be carefull if too much bleach it might kill the plant and also if it is in the bleach for too long it might kill the plant. One of the problems with bleach bathes are it can some times cause wholes in the plant but they go away after while. well i hope i have been a help
  3. atmmachine816

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    actually snails dont stress fish out whatsafish7 they help by cleaning things but can get annoying in large numbers

    i had snails and i tried snail treatment and it didnt work so i had to remove them manually if you want to do a lot of work i can tell you what i did and i now longer have snails but its a lot of work

    and do what whatsafish7 said and whenever you get new plants but them in a regular bleach bath perferably not scented bleach 1-19 ratio 1 being bleach

    hope this helps
  4. whatsafish7

    whatsafish7Valued MemberMember

    im just saying alot of snails can take up cspace and maybe bother the fish you never know
  5. Miss Mouse

    Miss MouseWell Known MemberMember

    I had a *BAD* snail problem in all my tanks at one stage - after trying to take them out daily and then strying snail killer stuff I ended up cleaning the walls and surfaces of every item in the tank and rinsing the gravel in boiling water. I put all the plants into my quarantine tank and seriously dosed them up with snail killer for about a week and then left them for another week to see if anymore snails hatched.. they didn't so I replaced all the plants and have had no trouble since then.
    Sometimes you have to go to extremes cos they just keep breeding! :-\
  6. OP

    MaddisonNew MemberMember

    thanks for all your help! erm Miss Mouse, what did you do with the rest of your fish that was in that tank? because if i do a huge clean i don't know where i would put them, i have a spare heater, but not an extra pump :-\
  7. whatsafish7

    whatsafish7Valued MemberMember

    you can leave the fish in most likely. When cleaning everything out start early in the morning. This can take a while but it does notneccasarly take a month
  8. Miss Mouse

    Miss MouseWell Known MemberMember

    I have a spare tank but you can leave them in - just be careful when moving things around in the tank and make sure if you clean things that they're really well rinsed to avoid polluting or poisoning your fishies..
  9. vin

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    Little snails make tasty snacks for fish....I squish them on the glass and the fish go to town on them....If they get a little bigger, I just pull them out and put them in a little salt. Salt will kill them.......without the possible accident of bleach.
  10. Shorty

    ShortyValued MemberMember

    If you have tons of the little buggers, removing them manually could prove futile as they breed practically overnight - well it seems that way - and the tiny ones you cannot see will soon grow until you see them, so you take them out, but not before they have made more little tiny ones - it goes on and on lol, we cleared our by the same methods as Vin, squish em on the glass and the fish clear em up, remove what you can see and hopefully the two methods and probably a good snail treatment should clear them, if all else fails do the whole spring clean as suggested. I dont use bleach on my plants, I use hot salt water and soak the plant for about half an hour - so far I haven't killed a plant doing this - but I cannot swear that every plant would like it!, Then I get some clean water rinse the plant and bung it in the tank, presto no snails - except for the one I grew attached to and couln't squish :)
  11. Miss Mouse

    Miss MouseWell Known MemberMember

    Yeah I wouldn't use bleach either - I'm too scared of killing things and its not good for the environment anyway. I just washed everything in BOILING water to kill off the eggs and the plants I risned as shorty did..