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Hi everyone! I purchased a Waterbox Cube 10 with the AI Prime Freshwater light online yesterday. I have had aquariums in the past but not for the past few years. I have cycled aquariums properly before, but I have been reading extensively about how to properly cycle an aquarium just to make sure I do it right. I plan on using the stock equipment and filtration that comes with the Waterbox Cube 10 unless you all have other ideas? I’m always open to suggestions because you all are the experts not me. One thing I’m completely lost on is stocking this aquarium. While it is a 10 gallon aquarium it’s not a standard size because it’s a cube, it measures 14” x 14” x 14” so I figured it might be more difficult to stock this aquarium. I have read so many differing opinions online on 10 gallon stocking I’m not sure who to listen to. I have read the 10 gallon stocking list on Fishlore but I didn’t know if that list would be different for a 10 gallon cube. I know my options are very limited but if anyone has any stocking ideas for this tank I would love to hear them. I’m open to any kind of fish as long as they can live happily in this tank, my wife does like the more colorful fish though. Also I would much rather have an under stocked tank with healthy fish than an overstocked tank with stressed out fish. Any advice you all have on stocking this tank or the aquarium I bought please help me out. Thanks!!


I would look over the 5 gallon list and just up the numbers.


They are a really nice looking little tank. Nicer looking but similar in design to a Fluval Flex. One caveat is it doesn't have a lid so don't go with fish or shrimp that like to jump unless you are going to fashion a lid.

I've never owned the tank but I've heard their pumps are kinda janky. If you want to **** the filter add a little floss after the intake to really polish the water and keep your bio media gunk free, then ditch the carbon for Seachem Matrix or other bio media. But none of that is necessary.

I like to put thought towards aquascape first, then stocking second. But that being said some people like to match fish to their natural habitat.

If I had one tank to stock I'd do a community tank with your favorite colour neocaridina shrimp and 6 nice small colourful schooling fish.

Let your wife stock your tank, show her some options online until she sees something she likes then just buy it. Take it from a guy who's been down that road. If she feels like she made the decision she won't chew your ass out for buying all sorts of **** in the future.


Also I'd use an inert planted substrate, and some low demand plants...but I like planted tanks more then I like fish.

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