Water wisteria not doing well! Anyone have one in a fluval edge?

Discussion in 'Aquarium Plants' started by Junne, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. JunneFishlore LegendMember

    I put in a water wisteria in my betta tank and its already dying ( yellow and slight brownish leaves ) after only a month.
    My tank perimeters:

    82 degrees
    PH 7.0 - 7.5
    Ammonia = 0
    Nitrites = 0
    Nitrates = 5
    Substrate = Sand

    I do not feed it fertilizers and I have the standard LED lights for a fluval edge 6.6 tank

    I used to have water wisteria in my main tank ( 36 gallon ) with gravel substrate and 78 degree water with no problems! In fact, it was almost overtaking my tank with growth so I put them in my betta tank ( they died while I was originally cycling my tank )

    I am tempted to put the one I bought in my main tank as it doesn't seem to thrive in my betta tank.
    Could it be the water temps? Lighting? I just don't understand why I have the easiest plant to grow and its already dying!
  2. EthanWell Known MemberMember

    it is most likely lighting
  3. bankruptjojoFishlore VIPMember

    it has to be the led lights. as far as i can tell there pretty worthless when it comes to growing plants.
  4. JunneFishlore LegendMember

    Thank you for the info! I have regular fluorescent tubes in my main tank and all of the plants seem to do well in it so I guess I will be moving the wisteria to see if it revives.

    Thanks again!
  5. chevyguy8893Well Known MemberMember

    Is it the fluval edge with the LED lights that can be replaced, or the newer one that can't have the LED's replaced? From what I saw at my LFS with the latter of the two edge lights, it could not even grow some of the easiest low light plants in seachem flourite. Before I pitched the wisteria from algae, it grew fine in my betta tank under spiral CFL bulbs with root tabs in gravel and 80F water. The edge with the replaceable LED's can have new bulbs put in that will grow plants fine, MR11 base I believe.
  6. JunneFishlore LegendMember

    Yes mine are replaceable but I don't think I will replace them right now ( tight on funds ) but I appreciate the info in case I do in the future!!!
    I think I will stick with the silk plants for now. Oddly, my marimo balls seem to be okay and are growing fine in there......
  7. bankruptjojoFishlore VIPMember

    im pretty sure those balls are a type of algae and can "grow" pretty much anywhere. or at least not die.
  8. gourami88Valued MemberMember

    I've found it nearly impossible to kill those moss balls (and yes, i believe they are a form of algae).
  9. JunneFishlore LegendMember

    Well the moss balls seem to do great in my tank! I got one from Petsmart in April and already has been propagated in to several smaller pieces. They aren't round anymore though :(
    My water wisteria ended up dying :( :( :( beyond repair so I took it out of the betta tank. I may try again in my main tank where I know it had grown before.........
  10. MagooFishlore VIPMember

    Hello Junne :) I would put it down to not fertilising as I have many plants growing in my edge with the standard LEDs but I use tetra plant complete under the crushed coral substrate they are all showing new growth too :)

    Mine has the newer version of LEDs that can't be changed not sure if they are stronger than yours I don't think they are
  11. JunneFishlore LegendMember

    Well that's what got me so confused because I KNOW yours do VERY WELL and we have basically the same set up as far as the edge goes...... I'm sure its due to not fertilizing and the combo of the lights????? I remember having them in my 36 gallon and they did so well - so well in fact that I had new leaves/branches and then dumb me put them in my betta tank and killed them all!!! :(
    I guess I will buy some more, put them in my main tank and when I get some new growth, I can put that in my edge and try the ferts!! :)
  12. MagooFishlore VIPMember

    I think it's the fertiliser you could try root tabs when you get some more and they should do the trick although I've not used them myself.

    I also leave my lights on for a bit longer than some maybe mine are on for 13 hours and I don't have an algae problem in the edge the snails are pretty pro active :)

    Mordin's tank on the other hand has a bit of algae but it's manageable the pond snails help to keep it down too and the assassins keep the ponds down ;) I did spot a Malaysian trumpet snail in there and tried to grab him out but Mordin kept getting in the way and I think it has buried itself back in the gravel I hope the assassins didn't get him
  13. JunneFishlore LegendMember

    The tank lights are on a timer for about 8 hours - I could try increasing it when the time comes.
    My main tank is on for 12 hours.

    My betta tank has never had diatoms or algae ( I think my mass amounts of MTS must take care of this before it happens )
    but my 36 gallon has had and still has a bit of diatoms.

    I know the snails in my main tank are spoiled with the veggies so that's probably why they don't eat the diatoms.

    Hope you find your mts.... put out a piece of veggie and hopefully you will get it on there.
  14. MagooFishlore VIPMember

    I'm not looking forward to the diatoms when I set up my big tank :( think I may have to get some nerites for the inevitable ;)

    I hope I can rescue the little guy when I introduced Ezio and Altair I thought I had pulled them all out I'm keeping an eye out for it
  15. JunneFishlore LegendMember

    Well I know with Jafar, he won't go after the tiny ones - he prefers the bigger jucier ones ;)
    Hopefully its the same for Ezio and Altair
  16. MagooFishlore VIPMember

    Thank you Junne I really hope so :)