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Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquarium Builds' started by japswe, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. japswe

    japsweNew MemberMember

    Hi fish lovers - I'm a fairly new aquarium enthusiast. Started with a beta in a 2 gallon a few years ago and have worked my way up to a 10 gallon with 2 blue rams and 5 small purple tetras. I just bought a new 13.5 gallon tank. I'm about to begin the cycling process and reading more about water treaters. Many of the products like Fluval Biological Aquarium Enhancer and Nutrafin Cycle mention you can add fish right away. Many forums have mixed answers on this...is it really safe? I would obviously test the PH, nitrate and ammonia levels before adding the fish. If the levels are ok, can I add the fish without waiting several weeks? Thanks for your feedback
  2. Rachel K

    Rachel KValued MemberMember

    Just my personal opinion that those bottled bacterias don't help at all, considering that a cycled tank will only stay cycled for a few days after removing fish, I can't imagine that the helpful bacteria can stay condensed in a bottle at room temperature with a long shelf life without any source of ammonia. It just doesn't make sense. People want the instant gratification though, and you are probably going to encounter the same difficulties with cycling whether or not you add the fake bacteria.

    Your tank is also overstocked, even if you did upgrade to 13.5. I would only keep the tetras. The minimum tank size for a blue ram is 20 gal, so you can't have them in a 10 gallon. Petco is doing the dollar per gallon sale so I would upgrade to a 20 gallon tank instead.
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    Welcome to fishlore!

    Even if you use bottled bacteria you still have to cycle the tank for a few weeks but it takes much longer if you don't use bottled bacteria. Without using bottled bacteria cycling usually takes 6-8 weeks or more but I cycled my tank in 10 days using tetra safe start.

    What sort of purple tetra are they? Are they glo tetras?
  4. OP

    japsweNew MemberMember

    And thanks for the info

    Thanks for the tips, I'll definitely get a bigger tank so the rams stay happy. They seem to be fine right now and the tetras generally stay away from the rams. Ps. One of the rams is a baby
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  5. Rachel K

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    Well, over time they'll be stressed out and start acting more aggressive. I've been there too, I got a pearl gourami for a 20 gal and he started getting so aggressive and stressed out that I had to go out and get a 36 gal bowfront (pearl gourami min tank size is 30 gals) just to calm him down. Now everyone is happy and getting along very well. Everyone has been there when you buy a fish you didn't research, go to the pet store with the intention to buy one fish and come home with a completely different one and realize you screwed up. Don't feel bad about it :)
  6. ManjitValued MemberMember

    insted of using bottled bacteria... visit a friend who is in fish keeping...
    before he cleans his aauarium borrow some stones from his aquarium and put it in yours... it helps much faster

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