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    marsdane Initiate Member

    I have been testing the water for the past week and the ammonia is at .25, the nitrite is at zero and the nitrate at 5. Because the ammonia is above zero I would do a 25% water change.

    My question is should continue to change the water at these levels or let the cycle process continue?

    I have had my tank upgranded (all was new filter [sponge], etc) and running since Jan. 16, 2005.

    If I do not continue to change the water will the ammonia over time go down to zero and then the nitrite will begin to rise?

    If this will be the case (ammonia = 0 & nitrite > 0), only then should I start doing the 25% water changes again?

    Is siphonning the waste from the bottom during each water change a good idea or does it slow down the cycle proceed? Do you recommend I only siphon the waste when the tank is cycled or during each water change?


    Mario D.

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    Mike Fishlore Admin Moderator Member

    Hi Mario,

    I am surprised that you are getting a reading on your nitrate levels . . .

    Whenever you are registering ammonia it is always a good idea to do a partial water change. If you have fish in the tank, I would recommend performing 25% water changes twice a week (more if you have the time) until the cycle has finished. If there are no fish in the tank you really don't need to do water changes. Just let the cycle run its course.

    I always siphon when performing water changes. I don't believe it will slow down the process. You may see a rise in the ammonia levels immediately after cleaning your gravel.

    You will know the cycle has finished when you are getting 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites and some type of reading on the nitrates.

    So, continue your water changes.

    Hope this helps,

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