Water temperatures for platys

  1. wsjf062107 Initiate Member

    Hello I have been researching information on platys and I can't seem to find a specific water temperature for them. I know they are supposed to be tropical fish. But I can't find a temperature that anyone seems to agree on in my extensive research. I'm pretty sure my tank is room temperature but I don't have a definite number. I'm researching tank thermometers right now and would love suggestions. I'm also looking into heaters just incase I need to get one. Are platys ok in cold water? What warning signs should I look for if they aren't? Help please suggestions appreciated!
  2. BamBamSorg Well Known Member Member

    Platys dont like cold water. They need a temp (from what ive read) a temp of 75-78 I keep my tank at 77. Texasdomer might be a better help with temperature compatibility lol :D

  3. wsjf062107 Initiate Member

    My platys have been in the tank for almost a month now and they don't seem to mind it they are very active.
  4. BamBamSorg Well Known Member Member

    But still are tropical fish. What temp is your tank at now?

  5. wsjf062107 Initiate Member

    As I said I don't really know. I don't have a thermometer. It doesn't have a heater either. It's just room temperature.
  6. BamBamSorg Well Known Member Member

    Hm ok. Well try to get a heater asap some fish may look fine but are not.
  7. chromedome52 Fishlore VIP Member

    Do not get the liquid crystal type thermometers, they were originally quite accurate, but production quality is lacking these days. Digitals are a little more expensive, but are usually dependably accurate.

    Platies are fairly tolerant of a very wide range of temperatures. Most of the aquarium Platies in stores are raised in Florida ponds, and the average temperature in these ponds is in the low to mid 70s. They will thrive anywhere from 70 to 82, but the higher the temperature, the shorter their lives. Optimal temp range is roughly in the middle of that, about the 74-78 range.

    A lot of sites will quote the low range or the high range of tolerance on species. Some even give a range that is barely tolerated by a species, but not good for their long term survival.

  8. wsjf062107 Initiate Member

    So my tank temperature is at 71.5 degrees. Should I still install a heater? If I do will it cause problems for my fish and snails while trying to adjust to the new temperature?