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Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by shadow2, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. shadow2

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    Ok, my 5 gallon tank that I started on Feb. 13 is still reading a tad high on the ammonia, ammonia is 2, ph is 7.8 and my nitrate was 0 yesterday and today is 5. I just did a water change on the 25th and did another one today.

    I normally fill bucket with water, add Prime and let sit for a day or two or longer, then do water change. Should I add the Prime directly to the tank instead of letting water sit for a couple days? Does everyone else here add water directly to the tank and then add conditioner or store water for awhile?

    Btw, my 2 new Julii cories are so adorable. Love their markings, hoping to get a bigger tank soon as soon as I get my cycles under control and have a better understanding of it all.

    Mostly just having trouble with ammonia with the betta tank. I only feed him twice a day, 2 Tetra mini pellets and 1 bloodworm.
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    We use a python to do our water changes. As soon as we start refilling the tanks (python is attached to the tap), we pour in the Prime.

    You may be defeating the purpose by putting the prime into a bucket and letting it sit for 2 days.

    Hopefully, someone much wiser than I am will let us know if that's true or not. :cool:

    Edited to add: Do you have a filter on this tank? When did you put the betta in?
  3. OP

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    That is what I was thinking too! When I first started the tank my ammonia was really high so I added Ammonia Clear which helped.

    I will try adding the Prime directly to the tank and see if that helps more.

    Yes, I have a Marineland Eclipse corner tank with the bio-wheel. Filter was changed on March 13.

    I put the betta in 24 hrs. after starting tank so betta was put in on Feb. 14.

    Thanks for your input.
  4. Shawnie

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    You can add the prime to your tank right before adding the water.its very important to keep the water temps the same as your tank so combine warm/cold water from the tap to do so....add enough for the entire tank not just the water your adding..are you still using ammonia clear?..you should up your water changes to once a day with that high of an ammonia reading...and id do 2 water changes today alone...2 is super high for ammonia....have you tested your tap for ammonia yet?
  5. OP

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    Oh no, more water changes. LOL!

    I bet that might help, adding enuf of the Prime for the whole tank instead of letting water sit, probably not being effective.

    No, I only used the ammonia clear when I first started the tank because it was so high, I have been debating on adding it again, do u think I should plus more water changes?

    Yep, I did test my tap water and it was ok.